Sunday, April 3, 2016

Quick Hits: Videos from the All-Japan Championships

Kohei Uchimura scored a 91.300 in the all-around, even though he fell on his Li Xiao Peng vault, which has always been somewhat questionable, and whacked his legs on the parallel bars. It's Kohei, though. The man can probably fart better than most of us.

I think that most gymnastics fans were surprised by Kenzo Shirai's second place finish. Known for his floor (16.500!!!)

and vault (only a 15.100),

Kenzo is thought of as an event specialist. Personally, I'm curious to see what his pommels and rings look like. If you find a video, please share!

Ryohei Kato, the reigning American Cup champion, came in third with an 89.400. (At the American Cup, he scored an 88.931. Pretty darn consistent.) His highest score of the day (15.400) came on floor:

His round-off technique drives me loopy. The skill tends to go around the side – rather than over his hands. Then again, I have no American Cup titles to my name, so I guess it works for him.

Fnally, we arrive at Yusuke Saito, who tied for fourth place with Yuya Kamoto. Guess what he did!


Can we send Oleg Verniaiev to Japan for a few weeks so that he can learn some real high bar releases?

I only want to watch high bar routines with Bretschneiders from now on.

Side note: WAG fans criticize uneven bar routines that rely too heavily on Tkatchev variations, but most MAG fans are okay with high bar routines that rely heavily on Kovacs variations. Are Kovacs just that much more badass than, say, a Church and a Ray and a Hindorff? Or why don't we criticize Kovacs-heavy high bar routines?

To watch more videos, check out this YouTube channel. Full results can be found here.


  1. FIG Channel happens to have his rings on Glasgow quals.

  2. Here is Kenzo on PH, not sure when was the video recorded.