Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tanked: The "Kerry Perry Goes to Capitol Hill" Drinking Game

You guys, there's a dumpster fire cocktail!

It even has a little dumpster!

Can you think of a drink that is more perfect for Kerry Perry's trip to Capitol Hill?

I sure as sin can't!

Before we get to the drinking, here's what you need to know:
  • The dumpster fire begins at 10 am Eastern on Wednesday, May 23. (Yes, I recognize that 10 am is a bit aggressive for a drinking game, but I'm from the Midwest. 10 am is a late start.)

  • You can watch the dumpster fire here.

  • Rumor is that Deborah Daniels has been prepping Kerry Perry for this hearing. (Yes, the very same Deborah Daniels who prepared the "independent" report for USAGym. I know, right?)

  • You can read Kerry Perry's opening statement ahead of time. It's basically a written version of her deer-in-headlights video.

  • GymCastic provides a good recap of who did what – and, unfortunately, who didn't do what – leading up to Larry Nassar's arrest.

All right, let's light this bad boy on fire.