Sunday, April 3, 2016

The 88+ Club (as of April 2, 2016)

Unfortunately, I don't have time to maintain my full UTRS. But with so many meets over the next month, I needed to put the scores in perspective. So, I decided to create an ongoing list of gymnasts who have scored over an 88.000 in the all-around in 2016. (If I'm missing someone, let me know in the comments below.)

The scoring at some meets might be more to your liking than others. So, as always, take these scores with a grain of salt. To give you some guidance, I've put FIG meet results in bold. And I've put Kuksenkov's scores in italics until the Russian Gymnastics Federation figures out his Meldonium problems.

1. Kohei UchimuraJapan91.300All-Japan Championships
2. David BelyavskiyRussia90.367Russian Championships - Day 1
3. Sam MikulakUSA90.350Winter Cup - Day 2
4. Nikolai KuksenkovRussia89.799Russian Championships - Day 1
5. Nikolai KuksenkovRussia89.733Russian Championships - Day 2
6. Kenzo ShiraiJapan89.700All-Japan Championships
7. Ryohei KatoJapan89.400All-Japan Championships
8. Bart DeurlooJapan89.350NED vs. ESP
9. Max WhitlockGreat Britain89.299Glasgow World Cup
10. Yusuke SaitoJapan89.250All-Japan Championships
10. Yuya KamotoJapan89.250All-Japan Championships
12. Nikita NagornyRussia89.166Russian Championships - Day 2
13. Yusuke TanakaJapan89.050All-Japan Championships
14. Nikita NagornyRussia89.033Russian Championships - Day 1
15. Ryohei KatoJapan88.931American Cup
16. John OrozcoUnited States88.700Houston National Invitational
17. Donnell WhittenburgUnited States88.565American Cup
18. Nikita IgnatyevRussia88.467Russian Championships - Day 1
19. Akash ModiUnited States88.450Winter Cup - Day 2
20. John OrozcoUnited States88.000Winter Cup - Day 2

*If you add up Oleg Verniaiev's scores from the Stuttgart Team Challenge, he would have had a 90.431 in the all-around.

**The All-Around will be doing their extensive rankings again! Stay tuned later this week for their numbers, which, I'm sure, will be more exhaustive than mine.


  1. Wasn't that Kohei's score with a fall? God I love him. #justkoheithings

    1. haha, yup! He fell on his vault, and he hit his leg on p-bars.

  2. All-Japan prelim
    Ryohei Kato 90.150
    Yusuke Tanaka 89.800

    Kohei no prelim, final only.

  3. Correction, Bart Deurloo is from the Netherlands, not Japan.