Friday, March 4, 2016

The Designated Drunk: Your 2016 American Cup Drinking Game

As usual, play at your own risk!

Take A Big Gulp Whenever…

  • Al Trautwig fucks up Nastia Liukin's name on air. (He does it at least once per broadcast.)
  • It sounds like Nastia is whispering into the microphone.
  • Al Trautwig makes an awkward comment on a gymnast's body. For example, "Look at the muscles in her forearms absolutely rippling."
  • Nastia and Tim begin to reminisce about the glory days when they still wore grips and leotards.
  • Tim Daggett says, "That's bad."
  • Tim Daggett says, "Not good."
  • Tim Daggett says, "Let's see here."
  • A commentator uses the word "prestigious" to describe this meet.
  • A commentator mentions the word "Olympics." (You're going to be so drunk. Happy Saturday!)
  • Someone on social media calls Carlotta Ferlito a racist.
  • Someone on social media says that the Americans were overscored.
  • Someone on social media says that Gabby threw shade at Sophina and her floor routine.
  • A gymnast does an aerial front walkover.
  • A male gymnast does a double pike dismount off parallel bars.
  • A female gymnast does a double pike on floor.
  • A gymnast does a stalder.
  • A gymnast does a vault with some twists. (I'm trying to get you drunk, if you can't tell.)
  • Nastia tries to comment on men's gymnastics and fails.