Monday, October 19, 2015

Round 'Em up, Boys: Articles, Videos, and other Tidbits from 2015 Worlds - October 19, 2015

When it comes to the World Championships, the gymternet blows up. Sign onto Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or Instagram, and you'll find doctoral dissertations analyzing a single photo and what it means for team lineups.

On the men's side, though, it's much harder to find information. You gotta go looking for it, and in many cases, you need Google translate to find the good stuff.

So, I thought that I'd round up everything that I've been reading and watching and put them into blogs during Worlds. Here's what I came across today…

1. Every listicle should start with Fabian Hambiceps.

Baby Fabian was so adorable. Here he is with his ex-girlfriend in 2008:

2. Alexei Nemov hopes that Russia can take third behind China and Japan. He has high hopes for Denis Ablyazin on floor, vault, and rings. (No duh!)

You might recall that Denis won gold on floor last year – beating Super Twisty Kenzo Shirai. In Nanning, Denis was the bronze medalist on rings, as well.

3. The Brazilian press is reporting that Diego Hypólito will be the alternate for Brazil.

That's gotta suck for him. He was slated to be the alternate in 2014, as well, but he was added to the team at the last minute. Then, surprise! He won bronze on floor!

At any rate, the team is said to be: Arthur Nory, Arthur Zanetti, Caio Souza, Francisco Barreto Júnior, Lucas Bittencourt, and Péricles Silva.

Reminder: Sergio Sasaki, one of Brazil's key contributors, is out with a knee injury. Ironically, he sustained that knee injury in Glasgow.

4. Oleg Verniaiev just got a new floor mat! PRAISE THE GYM GODS!

It's a mighty fine floor, I might add. Have you ever seen sexier foam?

Alas, it looks like they could use a new pommel horse, too. (But beggars can't be choosers.) Here are a few shots from inside his gym:

5. Speaking of Oleg… There haven't been too many training videos of the men, but Tim Daggett did post one of Oleg. Thank you, Timmy!

6. Prior to Worlds, the Chinese team was training in Paris. Cheng Ran, a member of China's gold-medal-winning team in 2014, was sent home. It's unclear why.

Update! Never mind. Elizabeth figured it out! :-)

7. Sam Oldham opens up about not making the World Team. At a training camp in Portugal, he sustained an injury to his lat, and at the London Open, he had a small tear in his Plantaris. Best of luck, Bud!

8. Friendly Reminder: Kohei Uchimura apparently has had left shoulder problems. We'll see if that comes into play.

9. The IOC did a lovely fluff piece on Kohei. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"It's not about winning gold at the Olympics, or winning gold at the World Championships. I've already done those things."

"The result doesn't matter; it's really about performing in a way that I'm satisfied with."

10. The meet organizers need to figure out this lighting situation! Lights are exploding! And if a piece of glass cuts my Oleg, I'll cut a bitch.

11. Deus meu! Somehow, I feel like there's not going to be a lot of sleeping in this hotel room.

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12. Oh, and if you're really behind on your men's gymnastics news, Sam Mikulak is out with a slight Achilles tear.

13. Again, if you're behind on your MAG news, Slovenian gymnast Mitja Petkovšek has retired. He was the 2005 and 2007 world champion on parallel bars, and I was hoping to see him again in Glasgow.

Bonus: Lord of the Rings, Chen Yibing, is an adorable daddy.

What have you been reading? Leave a comment below!


  1. How can you only have a "slight" achilles tear?

    1. The achilles tendon is made up of lots of tendon fibres, so a slight achilles tear would be where he only tore a few of those fibres