Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Round 'Em up, Boys: 2015 Worlds Tidbits – October 20, 2015

Let's skip the 80s intro. Here are some tidbits on the men's side from Worlds…

1. I don't know what the German men have been doing, but it seems that they all have hand injuries.

Marcel Nguyen has a left middle finger injury. Andreas Bretschneider has a finger injury.

2. Check out this article on the Dutch gymnasts with eponymous skills. On the men's side, you have the Zonderland on parallel bars and the van Gelder on rings. For the WAG fans out there, they also mention the Wevers.

3. A breakdown of potential D-scores for Kohei Uchimura. The blog predicts around a 39.4 – provided that Kohei performs his Li Xiaopeng on vault.

4. Don't recognize most of the Italian men? It's okay. It's mostly a new crop of guys. Matteo Morandi had to have meniscus surgery, and Alberto Busnari, the pommel horse god, has been left home.

5. Ryohei Kato is at 80-90% after an ankle injury.

6. There was a long article on the Ukrainian men. Here are my key takeaways:

Oleg Verniaiev's legs are still bothering him. Unfortunately, his magical Israeli doctor hasn't been able to alleviate all his pain. It sounds like he won't have surgery until after the Olympics because he needs six months to recover.

In addition to talking extensively about the new floor mats, the gymnasts mention several empty promises from the Ukrainian sports federation. Radivilov, for instance, was promised housing in Donetsk after his bronze in the London Olympics. He's still waiting, and he ain't too happy.

At this time, neither Radivilov nor Oleg plans to leave the country. However, if things don't change after the Olympics, Oleg might venture elsewhere.

7. It has been 12 years since Cuba has competed at the World Championships.

For the gym nerds, here's a stroll down memory lane… At the 2001 and 2003 World Championships, Eric Lopez Rios finished 5th in the all-around. It'll be interesting to see if Manrique Larduet can top that.

So, welcome back, Cuba!


9.600 + Uncle Tim bonus for the 'stache game

8. Brazil has confirmed what I wrote yesterday: Diego Hypólito is the alternate. No opportunity to defend his bronze on floor. BOO!

Arthur Nory, Caio Souza, Francisco Barretto, and Lucas Bitencourt will do the all-around. Zanetti will compete on floor, rings, and vault. Péricles da Silva will be on pommels, p-bars, and high bar.

9. Marian Dragulescu is a celebrity at Worlds. Everyone wants to hang out with him.

Seriously, everyone…
A photo posted by Scott Denny Hann (@scotthann) on

10. You know what they say about a man who carries a big selfie stick, right?

Yeah, nor do I… But Team GB is obsessed with their selfie sticks. How many Crown Jewels must I donate to get a picture of Team GB + the Queen, while the Queen holds the selfie stick?

A photo posted by Brinn Bevan (@brinnbevan) on

11. I love how the U.S. gymnasts look like they are about to have a snowball fight.

A photo posted by Yin Alvarez (@coachyinsanity) on

…and then, they're like, "Just kidding! ESPN Body Issue, call us."

A photo posted by Yin Alvarez (@coachyinsanity) on

12. Finally, a few training videos.

First up, Danell Leyva. I've always loved the rhythm of his pirouetting skills on p-bars, and I'd love to see him medal again this year.

I wish that he could find the same rhythm on his Rybalko on high bar.

A video posted by Inside Gymnastics (@insidegym) on
The Glasgow Worlds will be Brinn Bevan's first big meet as a senior. Here are some of his highlights from training today:

A video posted by Brinn Bevan (@brinnbevan) on
Look for Brinn's huge Tsuk double pike!

A video posted by Brinn Bevan (@brinnbevan) on

Reiss Beckford, who will be representing Jamaica, uploaded some highlights of his training, which included a big ol' Cassina:

A video posted by Reiss❌Beckford (@reissbeckford) on

That's it for today! Feel free to leave a comment and share any videos, articles, or pictures that you ran across today!


  1. It's so nice to see Marian Dragulescu again. It's amazing to see compete his eponymous skill against so many competitors. None of the other pioneering vaulters got a chance to do that. Amanar never got to throw down her vault against anyone else who did it. Produnova never got to compete her vault against anyone else doing it--although she would win by about 5 points.

    Seeing Dragulescu compete is like watching Chuso compete. It's like walking down memory lane, but it's still in the present.

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