Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sexy Data Dump

During the World Championships, I made many, many charts for GymCastic, and they need to live somewhere. So, why not my blog?

Click on the images to make them larger.

1. A breakdown of the execution scores during the men's all-around.

2. A breakdown of the difficulty scores during the men's all-around.

People need to stop talking about how difficulty always trumps execution.

3. How did our top men do last year during the all-around finals?

Holy upgrades, Max Whitlock! And holy improvement, Oleg!

In the words of Oleg, "Next year I should focus more on the all-around because it is high time, high time indeed."

If we start praying now, gymternet, the gym gods are bound to give in and find a place for Oleg on the podium in 2015!

4. A comparison of 2013's floor scores vs. 2014's floor scores

Sometimes, I wonder, "Would that score been medal-worthy last year?" I decided to make some charts to find out.

Has Shirai grown? Or why is he having troubles keeping his tumbling passes within the lines?

5. …and the same for pommel horse…

If your leg cuts don't look like Berki's, you're doing it wrong.

6. …and the same for rings…

This was one of the closest finals! But I do wish that the judges had drawn clearer distinctions between routines. In a field of 8, should there really be 2 ties?

7. …and the same for vault…

Ri Se Gwang, I'll donate my foot bones to you!

8. …and the same for parallel bars…

All my prayers finally paid off! Oleg produced the most beautiful routine of the entire World Championships! (Sorry, Kohei-Lovers! But Oleg was sublime!)

If you don't like this routine, you have no soul.

9. …and the same for high bar…

Epke, your execution is improving!

Even though girls have cooties…

I did make some WAG sexy data!

1. How did our top women do last year during the all-around finals?

Vanessa Ferrari with the upgrades. Simone Biles with the consistency. Kyla Ross and Aliya Mustafina with the injuries and the downgrades. :(

2. A comparison of 2013's vault scores vs. 2014's vault scores

Praise the gym gods! There were no injuries during women's vault this year!

And this chart makes you wonder, Does McKayla Maroney really need to upgrade her second vault in order to stay competitive?

3. …and one of the women's bars…

The women are upping the ante on bars! A high 14 is no longer going to put you in medal contention!

4. …and one of the women's beam…

If Kharenkova can get it together next year (and stay away from the Russian Vortex of Injuries), women's beam should be one of the more exciting finals next year. *Fingers crossed*

5. …and one of the women's floor…

An 8.933 in execution on floor in the current state of gymnastics? SPLIT LEAPS TIMES INFINITY!

Oh, and if you get extremely nationalistic about gymnastics meets…

Here's the MAG medal count…

And here's the WAG medal count…

Yet again, there's more diversity on the men's side.

Other tidbits…

  • The FIG has released the official results book
  • Bruno Grandi is talking about changing the scoring system… AGAIN!


  1. I don't know if this is the place to put this, but was anybody else pretty upset that Epke and Kohei got the same E score in the high bar final. Is Epke significantly improved from last year? Absolutely. Was his execution as good as Kohei's? Not from where I was sitting. Did Kohei have some major error that I missed?

  2. As long as we are bitching about E-scores from Nanning, how did Ri Se Gwang get a 9.333 E score on his first vault?!!!! That piked Dragelescu was completely tucked on the second flip. Also, he had a huge step. Ri Se Gwang is a legend, but he was gifted a gold medal. However, he gave us one of the most entertaining podium performances in years. Oh, North Korea. Please don't miss any more international competitions. We love you guys.

  3. Interesting that Kohei's AA scores for Vault and Floor were higher than the Vault and Floor Champions

    Vault: Uchi (15.633), Ri (15.416)
    Floor: Uchi (15.766), Abliazin (15.75)

  4. Thank you for pointing out that Uchi's AA floor and vault scores were higher than the EF vault and floor winning scores. I didn't realize that.

    However, comparing Uchi to Ri and Ablyazin is like comparing a ballerina to two linebackers. Uchi stuck everything cold in the AA final. He never looked out of position. It was unreal.

    Let's just say Ri and Ablyazin did NOT stick everything in their respective EF routines. Ablyazin's vault EF performance was the biggest miss I have ever seen from him. He could have really hurt himself.