Thursday, October 9, 2014


Should Sam Mikulak have been allowed to remount the bars? Watch the judge at the 0:49 mark.

I'm going with "no." When Oliver Hegi's grip ripped last year, he was not given extra time.


  1. WTF happened?!!! I don't understand why Sam jumped down. Who cares if the bars needed a little more chalk?!! He had time to chalk them beforehand. Also, this is the g-ddamn World Championships!! Does he think he's practicing in Ann Arbor?

    I don't care if Sam was allowed to continue. I doubt anyone else cares, either. He was too far down the standings for anyone to be outraged. I'm disappointed in the US men's performance in the AA. Maybe their team bronze sapped them of the energy and emotion needed for AA. [Here is the part in the post where I hijack it and make it about Oleg Verniaiev. I don't think you will mind. :) ]

    If Ukraine had made TF, then Oleg would have done all six events at full difficulty. In all likelihood, in that situation, he wouldn't have done as well in the AA. He's the workhorse of the Ukrainian team. I wonder how much competing for the team takes away from his personal performances.

    Please, please put up a post about Oleg's performance today. Mostly, I'm really happy for him. My face looked like his face after he finished his final pass on FX. I was so thrilled that he hit everything except rings dismount. ***Can we buy Ukraine a proper floor?!!!***

  2. I think p-bars should have maybe 45 seconds because of the extra prep needed for that event. It's more than any other event in gymnastics