Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Difficulty = Better Execution Scores?

Let's face it. We are gym fans.

In case you missed it, fan is short for fanatic, and as fanatics, we, gymnastics fans, aren't the most logical people. We tend to select one routine or one example, and we craft an entire theory around that one data point.

Recently, I came across a new theory among gymnastics fanatics. The theory goes something like this: Judges are more lenient with their execution scores when gymnasts perform more difficulty.

In other words, the greater the difficulty, the higher the execution score.

Of course, I had to look into this. So, I took a looky-poo at the scores from the qualifying rounds at the 2013 World Championships.

Why did I choose that particular data set? 'Cause during those early sessions of the World Championships, you have a wide array of D scores. You have the best in the world on an event, and then, you have gymnasts who would be Level 8 gymnasts in the United States.

Let's see what I found…