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Men's UTRS: The Best Scores of 2014 Updated April 27

The All Around is going to do their handy dandy rankings this year for the women. If they take on the men, I will stop my UTRS (Uncle Tim Ranking System). Again, for those who care, "UTRS" is pronounced "uterus."

As per usual, take these rankings with a grain of salt. (Pro Tip: Never bet your life savings based on my numbers–or my predictions for that matter.) I recognize that judging varies from meet to meet, but sometimes, it is evident that the judges are smoking something. Earlier this year, the American judges at the Houston Invitational were higher than the attendees of Woodstock. So, I decided to drop those scores from the UTRS. Sorry.

But before we begin, here's a fun fact:

At the 2014 Tokyo World Cup, Kohei Uchimura's total D score was a 38.6. That's 0.5 harder than his routines at the 2013 World Championships. 

Men's All-Around Rankings: Best Scores

1. Kohei UchimuraJapan92.898Tokyo World Cup
2. Fabian HambuechenGermany90.231Tokyo World Cup
3. Sam MikulakUSA90.098American Cup
4. David BelyavskiyRussia89.899Russian Nationals
5. Sergio SasakiBrazil89.550Brazilian Friendly
6. Ryohei KatoJapan89.397Tokyo World Cup
7. Max WhitlockGreat Britain89.000British Championships
8. Shogo NonomuraJapan88.965American Cup
9. Daniel PurvisGreat Britain88.899American Cup
10. John OrozcoUSA88.065American Cup
11. Daniel KeatingsGreat Britain88.000Brazilian Friendly
12. Kristian ThomasGreat Britain87.950English Championships
13. Nikita IgnatyevRussia87.933Russian Nationals
14. Frank BainesGreat Britain87.900Brazilian Friendly
15. Sam OldhamGreat Britain86.900British Championships

Best Score of 2013: Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 92.165, Stuttgart

Men's Floor Rankings: Best D Scores

NameCountryD Score Meet
1. Kenzo ShiraiJapan7.4Doha
1. Denis AblyazinRussia7.4Russian Nationals
3. Diego HypolitoBrazil6.9Brazilian Friendly
3. Matthias FahrigGermany6.9Osijek
5. Max WhitlockGreat Britain6.8British Championships
6. Wang PengChina6.7Doha
6. Jossimar Calvo MorenoColombia6.7South American Games
6. Daniel PurvisGreat Britain6.7American Cup
6. Ryohei KatoJapan6.7Tokyo World Cup
10. Paul RuggeriUSA6.6Doha
10. Casimir SchmidtNetherlands6.6Doha
10. Wang HaoranChina6.6Doha
10. Sam OldhamGreat Britain6.6American Cup
10. Christian BazanSpain6.6Cottbus
10. Kohei UchimuraJapan6.6Tokyo World Cup
10. Sergio SasakiBrazil6.6Tokyo World Cup
10. Park Eo JinSouth Korea6.6Korea Cup
10. Alexander ShatilovIsrael6.6Osijek

Best D Score of 2013: Shirai Kenzo, Japan, 7.4

Men's Floor Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal Score Meet
1. Kenzo ShiraiJapan16.000Doha
2. Diego HypólitoBrazil15.733Cottbus
3. Matthias FahrigGermany15.700Osijek
4. Sam MikulakUSA15.666American Cup
4. Enrique Tomás GonzálezChile15.666South American Games
6. Kohei UchimuraJapan15.600Tokyo Cup
6. Max WhitlockGreat Britain15.600British Championships
8. Denis AblyazinRussia15.533Russian Nationals
9. Fabian HambuechenGermany15.533Tokyo Cup
9. Ryohei KatoJapan15.533Tokyo Cup
11. Frank BainesGreat Britain15.300Brazilian Friendly
11. Kristian ThomasGreat Britain15.300Brazilian Friendly
13. Claudio CapelliSwitzerland15.250Cottbus
13. Angelo Dias de AssumpçãoBrazil15.250Osijek
13. Scott MorganCanada15.250Pac-Rims
13. Tomislav MarkovicCroatia15.250Osijek

Best Score of 2013: Shirai Kenzo, Japan, 16.400, Inter-Highschool Championships

Men's Pommel Rankings: Best D Scores

NameCountryD Score Meet
1. Max WhitlockGreat Britain7.4British Championships
2. Louis SmithGreat Britain7.3British Championships
3. Daniel KeatingsGreat Britain7.2British Championships
4. Zoltan KallaiHungary7.1Osijek
5. Cyril TommasoneFrance6.9Cottbus
5. Oleg VerniaievUkraine6.9Cottbus
7. Krisztian BerkiHungary6.8Cottbus
7. Zhang YangChina6.8Doha
7. Jossimar Calvo MorenoColombia6.8South American Games
7. Alberto BusnariItaly6.8Osijek
11. Damien CachiaCanada6.7Elite Canada
11. Harutyun MerdinyanArmenia6.7Doha
11. Matvei PetrovRussia6.7Cottbus
11. Pericles SilvaBrazil6.7Brazilian Friendly
11. Donna-Donny TruyensBelgium6.7Osijek
11. Andrei UrsacheRomania6.7Osijek
11. Filip UdeCroatia6.7Osijek

Best D Score of 2013: Max Whitlock, Great Britain, 7.3, Anadia

Men's Pommel Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal Score Meet
1. Daniel KeatingsGreat Britain16.133British Championships
2. Max WhitlockGreat Britain16.100English Championships
3. Louis SmithGreat Britain15.850Korean Cup
4. Matvei PetrovRussia15.800Russian Nationals
5. Krisztian BerkiHungary15.775Korean Cup
6. Filip UdeCroatia15.675Osijek
7. David BelyavskiyRussia15.600Russian Nationals
8. Kohei KameyamaJapan15.566Cottbus
9. Alberto BusnariItaly15.550Osijek
10. Robert SeligmanCroatia15.500Osijek
11. Harutyun MerdinyanArmenia15.475Doha
12. Wang BoChina15.400Doha
12. Jhonny MuñozColombia15.400South American Games
13. Zoltan KallaiHungary15.375Osijek
14. Kohei UchimuraJapan15.366Tokyo World Cup
15. Andrei PerevoznikovRussia15.300Russian Nationals

Best Score of 2013: Alberto Busnari, Italy, 16.100, Osijek

Men's Rings Rankings: Best D Scores

NameCountryD Score Meet
1. Aleksandr BalandinRussia7.0Cottbus
2. Henrique FloresBrazil6.9Doha
2. Federico MolinariArgentina6.9South American Games
2. Igor RadivilovUkraine6.8Korean Cup
5. Liao JunlinChina6.8Doha
5. Denis AblyazinRussia6.8Cottbus
5. Brandon WynnUSA6.8Cottbus
5. Danny Pinheiro-RodriguesFrance6.8Cottbus
5. Arthur ZanettiBrazil6.8South American Games
5. Tommy RamosPuerto Rico6.8Korean Cup
11. Robert StanescuCanada6.7Elite Canada
11. Chih-Yu ChenTaipei6.7Doha
11. Donnell WhittenburgUSA6.7Doha
11. Eleftherios PetrouniasGreece6.7Cottbus
11. Juan RaffoChile6.7South American Games
11. Yuri Van GelderNetherlands6.7Ljubljana
11. Matteo MorandiItaly6.7Osijek
11. Dang NamVietnam6.7Osijek
11. Ri Se GwangNorth Korea6.7Osijek

Best D Score of 2013: Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues, France, 7.0, Osijek
Eleftherios Petrounias, Greece, 7.0, European Championships

Men's Rings Rankings: Best Scores

1. Arthur ZanettiBrazil16.000Brazilian Friendly
1. Denis AblyazinRussia16.000Russian Nationals
3. Aleksandr BalandinRussia15.966Russian Nationals
4. Artur TovmasyanArmenia15.750Doha
5. Brandon WynnUSA15.650Korean Cup
5. Eleftherios PetrouniasGreece15.650Cottbus
7. Matteo MorandiItaly15.625Osijek
8. Ali Abouel KassemEgypt15.567African Championships
9. Kiu Chung NGHong Kong15.550Pac Rims
10. Vahagn DavtyanArmenia15.450Doha
10. Koji YamamuroJapan15.450Cottbus
12. Henrique FloresBrazil15.425Doha
13. Chih-Yu ChenTaipei15.400Doha
13. Andrei MunteanuRomania15.400Doha
13. Yuri Van GelderNetherlands15.400Ljubljana
13. Daniel PurvisGreat Britain15.400Scottish Championships

Best Score of 2013: Eleftherios Petrounias, Greece, 16.150, Cottbus

Men's Vault Rankings: Best D Score Averages

NameCountryD1D2D Avg. Meet
1. Yang Hak-SeonSouth Korea6.46.46.4Korean Cup
1. Ri Se GwangNorth Korea6.46.46.4Osijek
3. Denis AblyazinRussia6.06.26.1Cottbus
4. Qu RuiyangChina6.06.06.0Doha
4. Igor RadivilovUkraine6.06.06.0Cottbus
4. Oleg VerniaievUkraine6.06.06.0Ljubljana
4. Theo SeagerGreat Britain6.06.06.0Ljubljana
4. Jake DaltonUSA6.06.06.0Korean Cup
9. Yusuke SaitoJapan6.05.65.8Doha
9. Kenzo ShiraiJapan6.05.65.8Doha
9. Ali Al-TameemiIraq6.05.65.8Doha
9. Pavel BulauskiBelarus6.05.65.8Doha
9. Ganbat ErdenholdMongolia5.66.05.8Doha
9. Andrei MunteanuRomania6.05.65.8Doha
9. Kristian ThomasGreat Britain6.05.65.8British Championships
9. Courtney TullochGreat Britain5.66.05.8British Championships
9. Miguel HudsonBrazil6.05.65.8Cottbus
9. Sergio SasakiBrazil6.05.65.8South American Games
9. Tomás GonzálezChile6.05.65.8South American Games
9. Arthur ZanettiBrazil5.66.05.8South American Games
9. Andrey MedvedevIsrael5.66.05.8Ljubljana
9. Angelo Dias de AssumpçãoBrazil6.05.65.8Osijek
9. Matthias FahrigGermany6.05.65.8Osijek

Best Average D Score of 2013: Ri Se Gwang, North Korea, 6.4, Doha

Men's Vault Rankings: Best Avg. Scores

NameCountryFinal Score Meet
1. Ri Se GwangNorth Korea15.475Osijek
2. Yang Hak-SeonSouth Korea15.412Korean Cup
3. Artur DavtyanArmenia15.262Doha
4. Yusuke SaitoJapan15.237Doha
5. Kenzo ShiraiJapan15.200Doha
6. Qu RuiyangChina15.175Doha
7. Denis AblyazinRussia15.166Russian Nationals
8. Sergio SasakiBrazil15.150South American Games
9. Andrei MunteanuRomania15.125Doha
10. Tomás GonzálezChile15.083South American Games
11. Tomi TuuhaFinland15.075Osijek
12. Pavel BulauskiBelarus15.050Ljubljana
13. Igor RadivilovUkraine15.037Korean Cup
14. Andrey MedvedevIsrael14.975Ljubljana
15. Diego HypólitoBrazil14.950Brazilian Friendly

Best Score of 2013: Yang Hak Seon, South Korea, 15.787, University Games

Men's P-Bar Rankings: Best D Scores

NameCountryD Score Meet
1. Daniel KeatingsGreat Britain6.9British Championships
1. Oleg VerniaievUkraine6.9Cottbus
1. Jossimar Calvo MorenoColombia6.9South American Games
4. Marcel NguyenGermany6.8Doha
4. Donnell WhittenburgUSA6.8Doha
4. Javier SandovalColombia6.8South American Games
4. Lu WentianChina6.8Pac Rims
4. Jin Hyok KimNorth Korea6.8Osijek
4. Pham Phuoc HungVietnam6.8Osijek
10. Zhang YangChina6.7Doha
10. Yuya KamotoJapan6.7Doha
10. Hamilton SabotFrance6.7Cottbus
10. Lukas DauserGermany6.7Cottbus
10. Koji UematsuJapan6.7Cottbus
10. John OrozcoUSA6.7Pac Rims
10. Ferhat AricanTurkey6.7Osijek

Best D Score of 2013: Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 7.2ish, Ukrainian Nationals

Men's P-Bar Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal Score Meet
1. Jossimar Calvo MorenoColombia16.060South American Games
2. Daniel KeatingsGreat Britain16.050Scottish Championships
3. Oleg VerniaievUkraine15.950Ljubljana
4. Mitja PetkovsekSlovenia15.725Osijek
5. Daniel PurvisGreat Britain15.667Scottish Championships
6. Sam OldhamGreat Britian15.650English Championships
7. Pham Phuoc HungVietnam15.625Osijek
8. Shogo NonomuraJapan15.566American Cup
9. Koji UematsuJapan15.550Cottbus
10. Ryohei KatoJapan15.533Tokyo World Cup
11. Andrei MunteanuRomania15.525Osijek
12. Frank BainesGreat Britain15.500Cottbus
12. Aliaksandr TsarevichBelarus15.500Ljubljana
12. Epke ZonderlandNetherlands15.500Ljubljana
15. Marcel NguyenGermany15.450Doha

Best Score of 2013: Zhou Shixiong, China, 16.067, Chinese National Games

Men's High Bar Rankings: Best D Scores

NameCountryD Score Meet
1. Epke ZonderlandNetherlands7.7Ljubljana
2. Jossimar Calvo MorenoColombia7.3Pac Rims
3. Fabian HambuechenGermany7.1American Cup
4. Kohei UchimuraJapan7.0Tokyo World Cup
4. Fabian GonzalezSpain7.0Tokyo World Cup
6. Yusuke SaitoJapan6.9Doha
6. Sengchao YangChina6.9Pac Rims
8. Zhang YangChina6.8Doha
8. Koji YamamuroJapan6.8Cottbus
8. Bart DeurlooNetherlands6.8Doha
8. Kevin LytwynCanada6.8Pac Rims
8. Min Soo ParkSouth Korea6.8Korean Cup
13. Paul RuggeriUSA6.7Doha
13. Sam OldhamGreat Britain6.7British Championships
13. Ashley WatsonGreat Britain6.7English Championships
13. Nikita IgnatyevRussia6.7Cottbus
13. Pablo BraggerSwitzerland6.7Cottbus
13. Koji UematsuJapan6.7Cottbus
13. Andreas BretschneiderGermany6.7Cottbus
13. Ilya KornevKazakhstan6.7Ljubljana
13. John OrozcoUSA6.7Korean Cup

Best D Score of 2013: Epke Zonderland, Netherlands, 7.7, Hungarian Grand Prix

Men's High Bar Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal Score Meet
1. Epke ZonderlandNetherlands16.250Ljubljana
2. Kohei UchimuraJapan15.900Tokyo World Cup
3. Fabian HambuechenGermany15.866Tokyo World Cup
4. Bart DuerlooNetherlands15.800Ljubljana
5. Jossimar Calvo MorenoColombia15.600Korean Cup
6. Yusuke SaitoJapan15.550Doha
7. Chris BrooksUSA15.400Cottbus
7. John OrozcoUSA15.400Pac Rims
9. Paul RuggeriUSA15.350Doha
9. Marijo MoznikCroatia15.350Doha
11. Sam OldhamGreat Britain15.300American Cup
11. Masayoshi YamamotoJapan15.300Doha
13. Kristian ThomasGreat Britain15.250English Championships
14. Sergio SasakiBrazil15.250Brazilian Friendly
15. Dzmitry BarkalauBelarus15.200Doha

Best Score of 2013: Fabian Hambuechen, Germany, 16.350, German Worlds Qualifier

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