Monday, December 30, 2013

Uncle Tim's 8 Most Popular Posts in 2013

When I started this blog, I was drunk, and I had one goal in mind: to help women's gymnastics fans appreciate men's gymnastics.

In my vodka-soaked brain, that much was clear. The blog's trajectory, on the other hand, was much fuzzier. After writing my first post, I decided that I would let my subject matter evolve organically. By that I mean that I was going to sip some wine, wait for the gymnastics gods to appear to me in a theophany, and write down whatever Sexy Alexei told me to say.

Confession: Sexy Alexei never appeared to me in a theophany, so I've been making things up as I go. 

Yet, for whatever reason, you guys still read what I write.

Below, you'll find the most popular posts on this blog. (For the most up-to-date men's UTRS, click here, and for the most up-to-date women's UTRS, click here.)  I hope that you enjoy catching up on some posts that you may have missed, and I look forward to gym-nerding out with you in 2014!

During event finals, which gymnasts improved their scores from qualifications? And which gymnasts did worse?

During the all-around finals at the World Championships, who performed the most difficulty? Who had the best execution? What was the highest scoring event? What was the lowest scoring event? So many questions and so many answers in this post.

Numbers are sexy. I tell you who was the most improved U.S. gymnast in 2013, how the juniors fared against the seniors, and whether Simone Biles can out-execute Kyla Ross.

Wanna get drunk?

We, gymnastics fans, love to watch podium training and make predictions.

The year after the Olympics, women's gymnastics fans complain because their Olympic champions rarely do well, if they compete at all, at the World Championships. Well, those whiners need to get over it.

At the 2013 World Championships, Brandon Wynn competed the same routine during qualifications and finals, but he received a 6.8 D score in qualifications and a 6.7 D score in finals. Why is that?

Perhaps the time change was not conducive to your sleep schedule. Perhaps you're curious about men's gymnastics, but would rather spend 4 minutes perusing a blog post rather than spend 3 hours watching a gymnastics meet. Whatever the case may be, this blow-by-blow recap of the men's all-around final was my most popular blog post in 2013.

Bonus: My most popular tweets of 2013

Your take:

What topics would you like me to tackle in 2014?


  1. Thanks for the recap. I'm a little behind in my reading but I love learning more about men's gymnastics. I assume you will cover all the major meets in 2014. Maybe you can keep explaining things in a way I can understand. Right now I am having difficulty separating some of the PB skills in my head so if you can run through the skills that the top gymnasts are doing and the value of the skills that would be great. Love watching video with it!!!

  2. Even though I know all the skills in gymnastics and don't need the help, your tutorial on pommels was good and it should be expanded to other events like pbars and rings. It might be good to include the Code of Points graphics as well.