Friday, September 6, 2013

2006 and beyond: Just Shy of a World Medal

Name every World Championship gold medalist since 2006!




Okay, that wasn't too bad, was it? Now name every gymnast who finished fourth at the World Championships since 2006…



Oh, crud. If you're anything like me, your list is embarrassingly short.

Seriously, I'm ashamed of my list. Over the years, many great gymnasts have finished fourth. In fact, as you look at the tables below, you'll recognize the majority of their names. It's just, well, on that particular day, they fell short of the podium.

This post is my tribute to those guys and gals whose performances have been largely forgotten by the gymternet. This post, more specifically, is dedicated to the gymnasts who were less than 0.1 away from a medal.

Who are those almost medalists? Let's start with the ladies…

YearEvent3rd Place4th PlaceDifference
2006FloorVanessa FerrariDaiane dos Santos0.025
2007FloorCassy VericelJiang Yuyuan0.025
2009All-AroundKoko TsurumiLauren Mitchell0.025
2009BarsAna Porgras
Rebecca Bross
Cha Yong Hwa (5th)0.025
2009FloorSui LuAna Myzdrikova0.025
2010VaultJade BarbosaAriella Kaeslin0.016
2010BeamDeng LinlinLauren Mitchell0.033
2010FloorAliya Mustafina
Diana Chelaru (2nd)
Aly Raisman0.050
2011BeamJordyn WieberAly Raisman0.067

Ugh, I'm so torn about 2006. Daiane dos Santos was as jittery as a coffee addict waiting in a 20-person line at a Starbucks, but Vanessa Ferrari's turn was all kinds of ick. What do you think? Vanessa "Icky Turn" Ferrari beats out Daiane "Happy Feet" dos Santos?

Anyway, moving on to the guys…

2006FloorKyle ShewfeltGervasio Deferr0.025
2006PommelsAlexander ArtemevNikolai Kryukov0.050
2006RingsYuri van GelderYang Wei0.025
2007FloorHisashi MizutoriGuillermo Alvarez0.050
2007VaultRi Se GwangRi Jong Song0.025
2007High BarHisashi MizutoriEpke Zonderland0.075
2009High BarIgor CassinaDanell Leyva0.025
2010All-AroundJonathan HortonMykola Kuksenkov0.033
2010FloorDaniel PurvisAlexander Shatilov0.033
2010VaultDzmitry KaspiarovichYang Hak-Seon0.050
2011FloorDiego Hypolito
Alexander Shatilov
Steven Legendre (5th)0.066
2011PommelsLouis SmithVid Hidvegi0.066
2011P-BarsVasileios Tsolakidis
Zhang Chenglong (2nd)
Kohei Uchimura0.033
Please note that Kuksenkov missed a bronze medal in the all-around in 2010 by 0.033, the same margin that separated Jordyn Wieber from Viktoria Komova in 2011. Yet, somehow, the men's gymnastics fans have moved on.

For the most part, I can appreciate the ordering of the men. But. Ugh. The 2011 pommel horse final. Louis Smith totally Komova-ed his dismount and still won a bronze medal. Yes, I get it. I understand that Louis Smith's big D saved him. (Louis had a 7.0, and Vid had a 6.4). Nevertheless, I question whether the judges took all the execution deductions for that dismount. (Unsteadiness in handstand, a 0.5 deduction for poor body position on landing, and a 0.3 deduction for the hop.)

Then again, maybe I'm biased. I think the Code of Points should have a safety deduction. To add insult to potential injury, the judges should give a big, fat deduction to any gymnast who steps off the landing mats before saluting the judges.

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  1. The final mark reminds me of the 2008-Diego-Hypolito. I stopped rooting for him since then.

  2. Interesting that the girls tend to just be unlucky-4th-place girls, whereas the guys' list contains some future-badasses ...