Sunday, August 18, 2013

Women's UTRS: Best Scores of 2013 Updated August 18

Last year, The All Around created some handy dandy rankings, leading up to the Olympics. This year, not so much. So, I've decided to create the UTRS (Uncle Tim Ranking System), which, for those who care, is pronounced "uterus." Think of my ranking system as a surrogate until The All Around steps in and takes over.

As per usual, take these rankings with a grain of salt. (Pro Tip: Never bet your life savings based on my numbers–or my predictions for that matter.) Judging varies from meet to meet, and as you can see, I've culled these scores from several meets. I've included the competition names so that you can decide how much crack the judges smoked before handing out the scores.

More than anything, you should think of these tables like this: New quad, new Code of Points. What the H is a good score nowadays? Well, let me show you…


  • Bold Face: An update since the last iteration of the UTRS.
  • An asterisk (*): Usually denotes a routine for which I have a final score without a D score.
  • Links, when available, are provided for the top 5 routines.
  • Scores from the Russian Cup have not been included

Women's All-Around Rankings: Best Scores

1. Simone BilesUSA60.500U.S. Nationals
1. Kyla RossUSA60.500U.S. Nationals
3. Aliya MustafinaRussia59.850Russian Nationals
4. Katelyn OhashiUSA59.199American Cup
5. Brenna DowellUSA58.450U.S. Nationals
6. Larisa IordacheRomania58.432European Championships
7. Peyton ErnstUSA58.250Secret Classic
8. Roxana PopaSpain58.083Spanish Nationals
9. Anastasia GrishinaRussia57.932European Championships
10. Maggie NicholsUSA57.750U.S. Nationals
11. Mykayla SkinnerUSA57.700U.S. Nationals
12. Yao JinnanChina57.468Chinese Nationals
13. Victoria MoorsCanada57.400Comaneci International
14. Yevgenia ShelgunovaRussia57.250Russian Nationals
15. Diana BulimarRomania57.065European Championships
15. Giulia SteingruberSwitzerland57.065European Championships

Women's Vault Rankings: Best D Score Averages
In other words, who has the most scoring potential? 

NameCountryD 1D 2D Avg.Meet
1. Hong Un JongNorth Korea6.36.46.35Universiades
2. McKayla MaroneyUSA6.36.06.15Secret Classic
3. Mykayla SkinnerUSA6.45.86.1Secret Classic
3. Fadwa MahmoudEgypt7.05.26.1Mediterranean Games
3. Ri Un HaNorth Korea5.86.46.1Doha
3. Ellie BlackCanada6.26.06.1Universiades
3. Alexa Moreno MedinaMexico6.26.06.1Universiades
8. Phan Thi Ha ThanhVietnam5.86.26.0Doha
9. Simone BilesUSA6.35.65.95Jesolo
9. Maria PasekaRussia6.35.65.95Europeans
9. Ksenia AfanasyevaRussia6.35.65.95Universiades
12. Dovelis TorresCuba5.85.75.75Pan Ams
13. Giulia SteingruberSwitzerland6.25.25.7Europeans
13. Jade BarbosaBrazil5.85.65.7Anadia
13. Alla SosnitskayaRussia5.85.65.7Anadia

Women's Vault Rankings: Best Avg. Scores

NameCountryFinal ScoreMeet
1. McKayla MaroneyUSA15.700U.S. Nationals
2. Simone BilesUSA15.475U.S. Nationals
3. Hong Un JongNorth Korea15.125Universiades
3. Ksenia AfanasyevaRussia15.125Universiades
5. Maria PasekaRussia14.950Universiades
6. Oksana ChusovitinaUzbekistan14.887Cottbus
7. Mykayla SkinnerUSA14.875Secret Classic
8. Ellie BlackCanada14.862Universiades
9. Phan Thi Ha Thanh Vietnam14.825Doha
9. Jade BarbosaBrazil14.825Anadia
11. Giulia SteingruberSwitzerland14.783Europeans
12. Larisa IordacheRomania14.675Doha
12. Alexa Moreno MedinaMexico14.675Universiades
12. Dovelis TorresCuba14.675Pan Ams

Women's Uneven Bar Rankings: Best D Scores

1. He KexinChina6.8Chinese Nationals
2. Shang ChunsongChina6.7Anadia
3. Tan JiaxinChina6.6Doha
3. Huang HuidanChina6.6Chinese Nationals
5. Yao JinnanChina6.5Chinese Nationals
6. Kyla RossUSA6.4GER-ROU-USA Friendly
6. Wu LiufangChina6.4Chinese Nationals
6. Anastasia GrishinaRussia6.4Anadia
9. Fan YilinChina6.3Chinese Nationals
9. Xiao KangjunChina6.3Chinese Nationals
9. Aliya MustafinaRussia6.3European Championships
9. Sophie SchederGermany6.3GER-ROU-USA Friendly
9. Ruby HarroldGreat Britain6.3Doha
9. Becky DownieGreat Britain6.3British Championships
9. Elizabeth PriceUSA6.3U.S. Nationals

Women's Uneven Bar Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal ScoreMeet
1. Aliya MustafinaRussia15.500Russian Nationals
1. Kyla RossUSA15.500U.S. Nationals
3. Huang HuidanChina15.134Chinese Nationals
4. Anastasia GrishinaRussia15.100Russian Nationals
5. Sophie SchederGermany15.033German Nationals
6. He KexinChina15.000Chinese Nationals
6. Katelyn OhashiUSA15.000WOGA Classic
6. Madison KocianUSA15.000U.S. Nationals
9. Yao JinnanChina14.967Chinese Nationals
10. Asuka TeramotoJapan14.900Japanese Nationals
11. Simone BilesUSA14.850Jesolo
11. Tan JiaxinChina14.850Doha
13. Kaitlyn HoflandCanada14.800Canadian Nationals
13. Elizabeth PriceUSA14.800U.S. Nationals
15. Becky DownieGreat Britain14.733European Championships

Women's Beam Rankings: Best D Scores

1. Larisa IordacheRomania6.9Anadia
2. Katelyn OhashiUSA6.8American Cup
3. Zeng SiqiChina6.6Doha
3. Zhang YelinziChina6.6Universiades
5. Aliya MustafinaRussia6.5Zakharova
5. Wang YanChina6.5Chinese Nationals
5. Shang ChunsongChina6.5Anadia
5. Anna DementyevaRussia6.5Universiades
9. Abigail MillietUSA6.4Secret Classic
9. Tan SixinChina6.4Chinese Nationals
9. Fan YilinChina6.4Chinese Nationals
12. Yao JinnanChina6.3Chinese Nationals
12. Sui LuChina6.3Chinese Nationals
12. Huang QiushuangChina6.3Chinese Nationals
12. Simone BilesUSA6.3GER-ROU-USA Friendly
12. Gabby JuppGreat Britain6.3American Cup
12. Peyton ErnstUSA6.3Secret Classic

Women's Beam Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal ScoreMeet
1. Katelyn Ohashi*USA15.800WOGA Classic
2. Larisa IordacheRomania15.650Anadia
3. Aliya MustafinaRussia15.450Russian Nationals
4. Anna DementyevaRussia15.300Universiades
5. Kyla RossUSA15.250U.S. Nationals
6. Zeng SiqiChina15.150Doha
6. Shang ChunsongChina15.150Anadia
6. Zhang YelinziChina15.150Universiades
9. Simone BilesUSA15.100Jesolo
10. Anastasia GrishinaRussia15.000Russian Nationals
11. Yevgenia ShelgunovaRussia14.950Russian Nationals
12. Peyton ErnstUSA14.900U.S. Nationals
13. Erin MacadaegUSA14.850U.S. Nationals
14. Diana BulimarRomania14.833European Championships
15. Madison KocianUSA14.800U.S. Nationals

Women's Floor Rankings: Best D Scores

1. Ksenia AfanasyevaRussia6.4European Championships
1. Mykayla SkinnerUSA6.4U.S. Nationals
3. Lexie PriessmanUSA6.3Secret Classic
4. Simone BilesUSA6.2Jesolo
4. Mai MurakamiJapan6.2Japanese Nationals
4. Larisa IordacheRomania6.2Anadia
4. Brenna DowellUSA6.2U.S. Nationals
8. Vanessa FerrariItaly6.1American Cup
8. Shang ChunsongChina6.1Anadia
8. McKayla MaroneyUSA6.1U.S. Nationals
11. Gabriella DouglasCanada6.0Canadian Nationals
11. Giulia SteingruberSwitzerland6.0European Championships
11. Elsa GarciaMexico6.0Universiades
11. Dovelis TorresCuba6.0Pan Ams
11. Peyton ErnstUSA6.0U.S. Nationals
11. Kennedy BakerUSA6.0U.S. Nationals
11. Madison DeschUSA6.0U.S. Nationals

Women's Floor Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal ScoreMeet
1. McKayla MaroneyUSA15.250U.S. Nationals
2. Ksenia AfanasyevaRussia15.166European Championships
3. Simone BilesUSA15.050U.S. Nationals
4. Mykayla SkinnerUSA15.000U.S. Nationals
5. Larisa IordacheRomania14.866European Championships
6. Lexie PriessmanUSA14.800Secret Classic
6. Kennedy BakerUSA14.800U.S. Nationals
8. Krystyna SankovaUkraine14.700Zakharova
8. Madison DeschUSA14.700U.S. Nationals
10. Anna DementyevaRussia14.650Zakharova
10. Diana BulimarRomania14.625Doha
12. Victoria MoorsCanada14.600American Cup
12. Brenna DowellUSA14.600U.S. Nationals
14. Gabriella DouglasCanada14.575Canadian Nationals
15. Mai MurakamiJapan14.500Japanese Nationals
15. Peyton ErnstUSA14.500Secret Classic

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  1. WOW....Team USA is insane! If you added junior AA scores to the list. The top 15 would be almost all USA. Katelyn Ohashi wasn't even there. Three senior girls could have been in the 60 range.

    1. Yeah but no one in their right mind trusts US domestic scoring with all that inflation.

    2. Oh no, it was still horrendously inflated. I did my own "judging" for each routine, and I found all of them inflated by at least 0.4 if not more. And Maroney was the absolute most overscored. I found a score of 15.5 at most for her 16.0 Amanar and a score of 14.6 for her 15.15 Floor Exercise. The American domestic judges are really doing a horrid job. And it's embarrassing; no other country inflates like ours does.

  2. Bad enough...It's crazy when you think that those exact same routines would get at least .2 less in execution. There's no way Mckayla's routine was worth a 15.25 with a 6.1 start value. Ksenia is still the one to beat on floor.

    1. Sandra is gonna win the gold for sure, floor is her's again, like vault in London ;)

  3. Kylas beam, Simones bars and Mckaylas floor and amanar day 2 was very very overscored. Not a chance those routines would've gotten those scores at worlds. Just saying.

    1. What are you talking about. Lord ache was so over score on bb. With the girl from china was so much better and got .65 less. Now lets not get into the Russian scores those are so inflated. Mckaya has looked so much better than afansia and has only competed twice since the Olympics. So get your bifocals checked.

    2. We'll see at the Worlds, but everyone knows american's scores are inflated always!

  4. Hahaha I feel like the judges looked at this list the night before and said "These are the scores we have to give them in order to have us top the UTRS list, everyone got it?" The scores the second day were an actual joke. I hope the girls aremt expecting to won everything at worlds with these scores cause they are in for a rude awakening.

  5. I'd encourage everyone to read this post from the Balance Beam Situation:

    Believe me, I've always said that certain Americans (e.g. Aly Raisman) will never get those scores international, but lo and behold, she does. We'll have to see whether these gymnasts get those scores internationally.

  6. I really hate how cynical gym fans are with judging nowadays. Y'all would have had aneurysms if you were watching the sport pre-1997 with the scoring going on back then.

  7. Are you going to make a new one with the National games and Romanian Nationals scores?

    1. Yes, a new UTRS should be available tomorrow. I'm waiting on the D and E scores from the event finals at the Romanian Nationals.