Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Exclusive Triple-Twisting Yurchenko Club

As far as I know, only two male gymnasts have competed a recognizable triple-twisting Yurchenko. They are…

2007: Sasha Artemev

USAG, who chose this preview screen? Sasha's butt? Really?

Here's Sasha's attempt from day 1.

2010: Kohei Uchimura

Glad those knees stayed intact!

Kohei's chest was higher than Sasha's, but it looks like the former's Yurchenko headspring technique hinders him a bit, slowing his block down. As you'll see with Shirai Kenzo's vault (below), Kenzo comes on with straighter arms, which gives him a quicker block.

You risk a lot trying to be part of this Club--most notably your ACLs.

Nevertheless, it looks like a few guys are trying to become members…

In case you missed it, here's Enrique Tomás Gonález's "attempt" at the 2013 Anadia Challenge Cup…

…which was about as close as Tatiana Nabieva's "attempt" at the 2009 Japan Cup.

And most recently…

A training video of Shirai Kenzo has emerged. Which makes us wonder, Will the Japanese twisting superstar be the first to successfully compete the vault in an international competition? Take a look!

And even more recently… (Updated: August 3, 2013)



P.S. Am I missing anyone who has competed a recognizable TTY? During Sasha's vault, Tim Daggett referenced a "handful of gymnasts," but right now, I count only two.


  1. "USAG, who chose this preview screen? Sasha's butt? Really?" I am A-OK with this, haha.

    1. LOL something tells me Uncle Tim is also A-OK with it also!

      As the old Shakespeare saying goes; "Methinks thou doth protest too much" :)

  2. I read a blog post that said David Belyavskyi is training a TTY as a second vault.

  3. According to this Japanese article, Yan Hak Seon is also traing TTY and plans to compete it at Worlds. Japan and Korean MAG teams camped together for training a couple of weeks ago. When Yang asked about Shirai's TTY, he said "I'm training it too, and I'm confident about competing it. It's better to have many skills named after me."


  4. Sorry, I made a grammatical error in addition to a couple of misspellings. Yang's comment is when he was asked about Shirai's TTY.