Monday, July 8, 2013

The Apogee of Gym Nerdery

A certain faction of the gymnastics world longs for the days of compulsories. The line of thinking seems to be, If only had compulsories again, everything would be better. If only…

Well, I have good news: compulsories are making a comeback--but only in a small bubble of the gymnastics world (read: my personal bubble). This week, I will be teaching myself the compulsories from the 1960 Olympics. In case you've never seen them, here's the high bar routine:
I love the pliƩ on the landing.

And the routine on parallel bars:

I'm going to face plant so hard on that dismount.

And just to make sure that I'm the biggest gym nerd on the face of the planet, I'm not only going to learn the men's routines, but I'm going to learn the women's routines, as well. There's one problem, though: I'm going to need a pianist…

Any volunteers?


  1. I can play piano for you. I might need some practice, though, lol.

  2. there'll be videos, right? Right??

  3. Go Tim! Off to watch said compulsories. (Can't wait to see your version of women's floor.)