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2013 Men's UTRS: Best Scores Updated July 1

I'm kind of obsessed with this routine. The 2008 bronze medalist's swing is smooth like butter. Yum.

Last year, The All Around created some handy dandy rankings, leading up to the Olympics. This year, not so much. So, I've decided to create the UTRS (Uncle Tim Ranking System), which, for those who care, is pronounced "uterus." Think of my ranking system as a surrogate until The All Around steps in and takes over.

As per usual, take these rankings with a grain of salt. (Pro Tip: Never bet your life savings based on my numbers–or my predictions for that matter.) Judging varies from meet to meet, and as you can see, I've culled these scores from several meets. I've included the competition names so that you can decide how much crack the judges smoked before handing out the scores.

More than anything, you should think of these tables like this: New quad, new Code of Points. What the H is a good score nowadays? Well, let me show you…


  • Bold Face: An update since the last iteration of the UTRS.
  • An asterisk (*): Usually denotes a routine for which I have a final score without a D score.
  • Parentheses ( ): Marks gymnasts who are not part of the U.S. National Team. Even though they cannot compete for the U.S. in international meets, I'd like to recognize that their scores are world class.
  • Links, when available, are provided for the top 5 routines.

Men's All-Around Rankings: Best Scores
1. Kohei Uchimura
Japan91.850Japanese Nationals
2. Max WhitlockGreat Britain90.650British Championships
3. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
Ukraine90.375Tokyo World Cup
4. Ryohei Kato
Japan90.175Tokyo World Cup
5. David Belyavskiy
(Давид Белявский)
Russia89.799European Championships
6. Jake DaltonUSA89.398American Cup
7. Daniel PurvisGreat Britain89.250Tokyo World Cup
8. Liu RongbingChina89.134Chinese Nationals
9. Kazuhito TanakaJapan89.100NHK Cup
10. Yusuke TanakaJapan89.050NHK Cup
10. Shogo NonomuraJapan89.050NHK Cup
12. Fabian GonzalezSpain88.700Tokyo World Cup
13. Fabian HambuechenGermany88.650German Nationals
14. Lin ChaopanChina88.568Chinese Nationals
15. Kenya KobayashiJapan88.300Japanese Nationals

Men's Floor Rankings: Best D Scores

1. Shirai Kenzo
Japan7.3Japanese Nationals
2. Denis Ablyazin
(Аблязин Денис)
Russia7.0European Championships
2. Flavius KocziRomania7.0European Championships
4. Ryohei Kato
Japan6.8Tokyo World Cup
5. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
Ukraine6.7Tokyo World Cup
5. Sergio SasakiBrazil6.7Tokyo World Cup
5. Kohei Uchimura
Japan6.7Japanese Nationals
8. Max WhitlockGreat Britain6.6European Championships
8. Matthias FahrigGermany6.6European Championships
8. Jeffrey WammesNetherlands6.6European Championships
8. Paul RuggeriUSA6.6Winter Cup
12. David Belyavskiy
(Давид Белявский)
Russia6.5European Championships
12. Alexander ShatilovIsrael6.5European Championships
12. Daniel PurvisGreat Britain6.5European Championships
12. Eleftherios Kosmidis
(Ελευθέριος Κοσμίδης)
Greece6.5European Championships
12. Vlad Bogdan CotunaRomania6.5European Championships
12. Jake DaltonUSA6.5Cottbus
12. Arthur OyakawaBrazil6.5Cottbus
12. Trevor Howard(USA)6.5Winter Cup
12. Stacey Ervin(USA)6.5Winter Cup
12. Eddie PenevUSA6.5Winter Cup
12. Deng ShudiChina6.5Chinese Nationals
12. Arthur OyakawaBrazil6.5Cottbus
12. Zhou Shixiong
China6.5Chinese Nationals
12. Enrique Tomás GonzálezChile6.5Anadia

Men's Floor Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal ScoreMeet
1. Shirai Kenzo
Japan15.900All-Japan Championships
2. Kohei Uchimura
Japan15.800NHK Cup
3. Jake DaltonUSA15.700American Cup
4. Adrian de los AngelesUSA15.650Winter Cup
5. Max WhitlockGreat Britain15.500European Championships
6. Stacey Ervin(USA)15.450Winter Cup
7. David Belyavskiy
(Давид Белявский)
Russia15.433European Championships
8. Kristian ThomasGreat Britain15.400American Cup
8. Matthias FahrigGermany15.400German Nationals
10. Diego HypólitoBrazil15.375Anadia
11. Flavius KocziRomania15.366French International
11. Sam OldhamGreat Britain15.366European Championships
11. Eleftherios Kosmidis
(Ελευθέριος Κοσμίδης)
Greece15.366Mediterranean Games
14. Denis Ablyazin
(Аблязин Денис)
Russia15.350Russian Nationals
15. Alexander ShatilovIsrael15.333European Championships

Men's Pommel Rankings: Best D Scores

1. Max WhitlockGreat Britain7.3Anadia
2. Prashanth SellathuraiAustralia6.9Doha
3. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
Ukraine6.7American Cup
3. Oleg StepkoUkraine6.7European Championships
3. Matvei Petrov
(Матвей Петров)
Russia6.7European Championships
3. Krisztian BerkiHungary6.7European Championships
3. Daniel KeatingsGreat Britain6.7European Championships
3. Alexander NaddourUSA6.7Ljubljana
3. Alberto BusnariItaly6.7European Championships
10. Zoltan KallaiHungary6.6Ljubljana
10. Luke Stannard(USA)6.6Winter Cup
10. Jossimar Calvo MorenoColombia6.6Ljubljana
10. Flavius KocziRomania6.6European Championships
10. Donna Donny TruyensBelgium6.6European Championships

Men's Pommel Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal ScoreMeet
1. Max WhitlockGreat Britain15.967English Championships
2. Krisztian BerkiHungary15.966French International
3. Daniel KeatingsGreat Britain15.800British Championships
3. Zhang Hongtao*
China15.800Chinese Nationals
5. Matvei Petrov
(Матвей Петров)
Russia15.675Russian Championships
6. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
Ukraine15.575Zakharova Cup
7. Ty Echard(USA)15.550Winter Cup
8. Michael Newburger(USA)15.500Winter Cup
9. Saso BertonceljSlovenia15.475Ljubljana
10. Filip UdeCroatia15.450European Championships
11. Alberto BusnariItaly15.433European Championships
12. David Belyavskiy
(Давид Белявский)
Russia15.400Russian Nationals
12. Kohei Kameyama*Japan15.400NHK Cup
14. Robert SeligmanCroatia15.366French International
14. Harutyum MerdinyanArmenia15.366European Championships
14. Donna Donny TruyensBelgium15.366European Championships

Men's Rings Rankings: Best D Scores

1. Eleftherios Petrounias
(Ελευθέριος Πετρουνιας)
Greece7.0European Championships
2. Brandon WynnUSA6.9Cottbus
2. Aleksandr Balandin
(Александр Баландин)
Russia6.9French International
2. Lambertus van GelderNetherlands6.9Cottbus
5. Samir Ait SaidFrance6.8European Championships
5. Ri Se GwangNorth Korea6.8Doha
5. Arthur ZanettiBrazil6.8Anadia
5. Yan MingyongChina6.8Anadia
9. Igor Radivilov
(Ігор Радівілов)
Ukraine6.7European Championships
9. Denis Ablyazin
(Аблязин Денис)
Russia6.7European Championships
9. Matteo MorandiItaly6.7European Championships
9. Danny Pinheiro-RodriguesFrance6.7European Championships
9. Liao QiuhuaChina6.7Doha
9. Henrique MedinaBrazil6.7Doha
9. Kim Jin HyokNorth Korea6.7Doha
9. Liu YangChina6.7Cottbus
9. Tommy RamosPuerto Rico6.7Cottbus
9. You HaoChina6.7Cottbus
9. Federico MolinariArgentina6.7French International
9. Liao JunlinChina6.7Anadia

Men's Rings Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal ScoreMeet
1. Eleftherios Petrounias
(Ελευθέριος Πετρουνιας)
2. Denis Ablyazin
(Аблязин Денис)
Russia15.875Russian Nationals
2. Arthur ZanettiBrazil15.875Anadia
4. Yan MingyongChina15.767Chinese Nationals
5. Liu YangChina15.750Cottbus
6. Lambertus van GelderNetherlands15.675Cottbus
7. Igor Radivilov
(Ігор Радівілов)
8. Matteo MorandiItaly15.625Cottbus
9. Brandon WynnUSA15.600Cottbus
10. Tommy RamosPuerto Rico15.525Cottbus
11. Davtyan VahagnArmenia15.500Doha
11. Artur TovmasyanArmenia15.500Doha
11. Federico MolinariArgentina15.500French International
11. Liao JunlinChina15.500Chinese Nationals
15. Luo Xuan*China15.467Chinese Nationals

Men's Vault Rankings: Best D Score Averages
In other words, who has the most scoring potential? 

NameCountryD 1D 2D Avg.Meet
1. Ri Se GwangNorth Korea6.46.46.4Doha
2. Denis Ablyazin
(Аблязин Денис)
3. Liao QiuhuaChina6.06.06.0Doha
3. Theo SeagerGreat Britain6.06.06.0Europeans
3. Yang Hak Seon*
South Korea6.06.06.0French International
3. Igor Radivilov
(Ігор Радівілов)
3. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
8. Stanislav ValiyevKazakhstan6.05.65.8Ljubljana
8. Yusuke SaitoJapan6.05.65.8Doha
8. Shek Wai HungHong Kong6.05.65.8Doha
8. Ali Saadi Al-TameemiIraq6.05.65.8Doha
8. Jake DaltonUSA6.05.65.8Cottbus
8. Pavel BulauskiBelarus5.66.05.8Cottbus
8. Nguyen Ha ThanhVietnam6.05.65.8French International
8. Kristian ThomasGreat Britain6.05.65.8French International
8. Enrique Tomas GonzalezChile6.05.65.8French International
8. Oleg StepkoUkraine5.66.05.8Europeans
8. Matthias FahrigGermany6.05.65.8Europeans
8. Flavius KocziRomania6.05.65.8Europeans
8. Andrey MedvedevIsrael5.66.05.8Europeans

*At the South Korean Nationals, Yang performed his namesake, which is a 6.4 vault. He also performed a Kasamatsu 2.5. The FIG has not given an official value to the second vault, but I'd assume that the Yang II will be valued as a 6.4 vault. So, Yang Hak Seon could be joining Ri Se Gwang with a 6.4 D average. Vault finals in Antwerp, come quickly.

Men's Vault Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal ScoreMeet
1. Ri Se GwangNorth Korea15.550Doha
2. Denis Ablyazin
(Аблязин Денис)
3. Yang Hak Seon
South Korea15.250French International
4. Jake DaltonUSA15.187Cottbus
5. Igor Radivilov
(Ігор Радівілов)
6. Theo SeagerGreat Britain15.150British Championships
7. Le Thanh PhuongVietnam15.062Doha
8. Flavius KocziRomania15.054Europeans
9. Yusuke SaitoJapan15.050Doha
10. Enrique Tomás GonzálezChile15.025Anadia
11. Diego HypólitoBrazil15.012Anadia
12. Matthais FahrigGermany15.000German Nationals
13. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
14. Cuong HoangVietnam14.975Doha
15. Shek Wai HungHong Kong14.950Cottbus

Men's P-Bar Rankings: Best D Scores

1. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
Ukraine7.2ishUkrainian Nationals
2. Zhou Shixiong
China7.0Chinese Nationals
3. Jossimar Calvo MorenoColombia6.9Anadia
3. You HaoChina6.9Chinese Nationals
5. Phuoc Hung PhamVietnam6.8Ljubljana
5. Marcel NguyenGermany6.8European Championships
5. Kim Jin HyokNorth Korea6.8Doha
5. Deng ShudiChina6.8Chinese Nationals
9. Ryohei Kato
9. Koji UematsuJapan6.7Cottbus
9. Danell LeyvaUSA6.7French International
9. Daniel KeatingsGreat Britain6.7British Championships
9. Liu RongbingChina6.7Chinese Nationals

Men's P-Bar Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal ScoreMeet
1. Zhou Shixiong
China15.967Chinese Nationals
2. Vasileios TsolakidisGreece15.800French International
2. Oleg Verniaiev
(Олег Верняєв)
4. Oleg StepkoUkraine15.766European Championships
5. Anton FokinUzbekistan15.750Anadia
6. Phuoc Hung PhamVietnam15.700Ljubljana
7. Andrei Vasile MunteanRomania15.666European Championships
8. Lucas FischerSwitzerland15.633European Championships
9. Ryohei Kato
Japan15.600French International
10. Daniel KeatingsGreat Britain15.600British Championships
10. Kazuhito Tanaka*Japan15.600NHK Cup
12. Marcel NguyenGermany15.566European Championships
13. Deng ShudiChina15.534Chinese Nationals
14. David Belyavskiy
(Давид Белявский)
Russia15.533European Championships
15. Hamilton SabotFrance15.500French International
15. You Hao*China15.500Chinese Nationals

Men's High Bar Rankings: Best D Scores

1. Koji UematsuJapan7.5All-Japan Championships
1. Danell LeyvaUSA7.2Winter Cup
3. Emin GaribovRussia7.1French International
4. Kohei Uchimura
Japan7.0Japanese Nationals
4. Umit SamilogluTurkey7.0Doha
4. Zhou Shixiong
China7.0Chinese Nationals
4. Jossimar Calvo MorenoColombia7.0Anadia
8. Liu RongbingChina6.9Chinese Nationals
8. Lin ChaopanChina6.9Chinese Nationals
10. Christopher JurschGermany6.8German Nationals
10. Yusuke TanakaJapan6.8Japanese Nationals
10. Andreas BretschneiderGermany6.8Cottbus
13. Fabian HambuechenGermany6.7German Nationals
13. Marijo MoznikCroatia6.7Ljubljana
13. Fabian GonzalezSpain6.7Tokyo
13. Paul RuggeriUSA6.7Winter Cup

Men's High Bar Rankings: Best Scores

NameCountryFinal ScoreMeet
1. Koji Uematsu*Japan16.050All-Japan Championships
2. Kohei Uchimura
Japan15.900Japanese Nationals
3. Yusuke TanakaJapan15.800Japanese Nationals
4. Zhou Shixiong
China15.700Chinese Nationals
5. Yuya Saito*Japan15.600NHK Cup
6. Deng ShudiChina15.567Chinese Nationals
6. Liu RongbingChina15.567Chinese Nationals
8. Lin ChaopanChina15.534Chinese Nationals
9. Kazuhito Tanaka*Japan15.500Japanese Nationals
9. Jossimar Calvo MorenoColombia15.500Anadia
10. Emin GaribovRussia15.433European Championships
11. Ryohei Kato
Japan15.400Japanese Nationals
12. Fabian GonzalezSpain15.350Tokyo
12. Daiki Ishikawa*Japan15.350Japanese Nationals
12. Shogo NonomuraJapan15.350NHK Cup
15. Danell LeyvaUSA15.300French International

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    According to the posts by JGA, Koji Uematsu(植松鉱治)'s 16.050 routine would look like:
    Cassina, Kovacs to Kolman, Stalder 1.5 to el-grip, tak full to undergrip to yamawaki, rybalko, Endo full to el-grip, tak half, double double layout.

    Hope the video be circulating soon!

    1. Thanks for the correction! I have updated the table to reflect that. If you see a video of the routine, please let me know! I can hardly imagine a 16.050 routine!

    2. Here it is!
      Sorry for the mistranslation. The dismount should be a full twisting double layout.