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UTRS: 2013 WAG & MAG All-Around Scores

Simone's high score from the Jesolo all-around competition came on vault–a 15.900
Last year, The All Around created some handy dandy rankings, leading up to the Olympics. This year, not so much. So, I've decided to create the UTRS (Uncle Tim Ranking System), which, for those who care, is pronounced "uterus." Think of my ranking system as a surrogate until The All Around steps in and takes over.

As per usual, take these rankings with a grain of salt. (Pro Tip: Never bet your life savings based on my numbers–or my predictions for that matter.) Judging varies from meet to meet, and as you can see, I've culled these scores from several meets. I've included the competition names so that you can decide how much crack the judges smoked before handing out the scores.

More than anything, you should think of these tables like this: New quad, new Code of Points. What the H is a good score nowadays? Well, let me show you…

(Updated: May 26, 2013)

Women's All-Around Rankings: Best Scores

Name Country Score Meet
1. Simone Biles USA 60.400 Jesolo
2. Aliya Mustafina Russia 59.850 Russian Nationals
3. Kyla Ross USA 59.300 GER-ROU-USA Friendly Meet
4. Katelyn Ohashi USA 59.199 American Cup
5. Larisa Iordache Romania 58.432 European Championships
6. Peyton Ernst USA 58.000 GER-ROU-USA Friendly Meet
7. Anastasia Grishina Russia 57.932 European Championships
8. Yao Jinnan China 57.468 Chinese Nationals
9. Victoria Moors Canada 57.400 Comaneci International
10. Yevgenia Shelgunova Russia 57.250 Russian Nationals
11. Diana Bulimar Romania 57.065 European Championships
11. Giulia Steingruber Switzerland 57.065 European Championships
13. Ksenia Afanasyeva Russia 56.850 Russian Nationals
14. Asuka Teramoto Japan 56.825 Tokyo World Cup
15. Jessica Lopez Colombia 56.800 Comaneci International

Women's All-Around Rankings: Averages
(Updated May 20 with German Nationals)
An asterisk (*) indicates that I have only one all-around score recorded for this gymnast.

Name Country Average
1. Katelyn Ohashi* USA 59.166
2. Kyla Ross USA 58.975
3. Simone Biles USA 58.689
4. Aliya Mustafina Russia 58.447
5. Larisa Iordache Romania 57.815
6. Yevgenia Shelgunova* Russia 57.250
7. Anastasia Grishina Russia 57.132
8. Yao Jinnan China 57.084
9. Peyton Ernst USA 56.883
10. Jessica Lopez* Venezuela 56.800
11. Diana Bulimar Romania 56.599
12. Brenna Dowell USA 56.525
13. Margaret Nichols USA 56.150
14. Vanessa Ferrari* Italy 56.098
15. Anna Dementyeva Russia 56.075

Men's All-Around Rankings: Best Scores
(Updated: May 20 with German Nationals)
(Read: Fabian Hambuechen was added)
Name Country Score Meet
1. Kohei Uchimura Japan 91.850 Japanese Nationals
2. Max Whitlock Great Britain 90.650 British Championships
3. Oleg Verniaiev Ukraine 90.375 Tokyo World Cup
4. Ryohei Kato Japan 90.175 Tokyo World Cup
5. David Belyavskiy Russia 89.799 European Championships
6. Jake Dalton USA 89.398 American Cup
7. Daniel Purvis Great Britain 89.250 Tokyo World Cup
8. Liu Rongbing China 89.134 Chinese Nationals
9. Yusuke Tanaka Japan 89.050 Japanese Nationals
10. Fabian Gonzalez Spain 88.700 Tokyo World Cup
11. Fabian Hambuechen Germany 88.650 German Nationals
12. Lin Chaopan China 88.568 Chinese Nationals
13. Shogo Nonomura Japan 88.400 Japanese Nationals
14. Kenya Kobayashi Japan 88.300 Japanese Nationals
15. Deng Shudi China 88.236 Chinese Nationals

Hmm… It looks like many people PR-ed at the Tokyo Cup… Note to self: The crack is good in Japan.

Men's All-Around Rankings: Averages
An asterisk (*) indicates that I have only one all-around score recorded for this gymnast.

Name Country Average
1. Kohei Uchimura Japan 91.175
2. Ryohei Kato Japan 89.675
3. Max Whitlock Great Britain 89.630
4. Liu Rongbing* China 89.134
5. Oleg Verniaiev Ukraine 88.990
6. David Belyavskiy Russia 88.671
7. Yusuke Tanaka Japan 88.650
7. Fabian Hambuechen* Germany 88.650
9. Lin Chaopan* China 88.568
10. Shogo Nonomura Japan 88.400
11. Deng Shudi* China 88.236
12. Oleg Stepko Ukraine 88.161
13. Kenya Kobayashi Japan 87.875
14. Cheng Ran* China 87.736
15. Jake Dalton USA 87.549

FAQ: What's all this stuff in the comments section about?

At first, I was suspicious of the scores from the Japanese Nationals because in the past, Japan has used a bonus system. Because of my suspicions, I didn't include the scores from the competition in my tables. However, I now have confirmation that the bonus system was not used during Nationals. If you read Japanese, it's on page 11 of this document.

Again, thank you to all the Japanese gymnastics fans for tracking down this info for me. While I speak several languages, none of them is useful when it comes to the gymnastics community. Must learn: Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. STAT!

Max's high score from the AA competition at the British Championships came on pommel horse–a 15.700
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  1. At the first day Kohei Uchimura did front handspring - 2 1/2 twist with Execution 9.4. Look at this, from 0:23 -
    At the second day, yes, he did the Shewfelt.

    1. Uchimura posted an AA score of 90.500 on day 2, with lower diffilculties on FX, PH, VT, and a fall on PH. That "spectacular Shewfelt" was like gambling, because he didn't practice it since last November - his own comments at the press conference.
      Speaking of Absurdity, Shirai Kenzo's D score on FX is now 7.3...

  2. What about Elizabeth Price? She scored 58.098 & 59.165 in Germany & Scotland. I know it was December. Shouldn't she be on the list.

    1. Though Price posted some big scores, she was competing under a different Code of Points. As a result, you can't really compare her results with the 2013 results. :(

      Hopefully, she starts competing again soon!

  3. Japanese internal MAG competitions have used a D score bonus for the past several years. I doubt this latest one is any different.

    From what I do know of their system, if that was used Uchimura could have easily racked close to a point in bonus.

    I personally would throw those scores out for that reason alone - the Japanese men are simply not being ranked with the same tool as are the others.

    If Uchimura gets to be on the list, Mikulak should be there with his 91.15 from the NCAA Championships. Sure, he got a stick bonus in there somewhere and the judges are a little nicer in the NCAA (but maybe not much more than those at some other internal competitions).

    No one can take anything away from Uchimura's performance. He was coming off a long layoff and had some injuries. His family just had a new baby. I watched the competition live on NHK, and the way he slapped those other guys down without looking like he was even breaking a sweat can't be captured by looking at numbers or isolated routines. He's still the best.

  4. Perhaps the bonus in Japan has been eliminated? Kohei's Day 1 vault was Yeo 2, scoring D 6.0 and E 9.4. HIgh bar D 7.0 included Adler-Kolman connection bonus plus Fedorchenko dismount.

  5. I'm not sure vault ever had bonus. It's possible the bonus went away, I just don't know. Until I hear official confirmation it's gone, I would continue to view those numbers with some suspicion. Somebody having a 7.3 D FX score makes me wonder. Has anyone looked at Shirai's routine?

    I still think Mikulak belongs on the list. When healthy, he could beat most of the people on it.

  6. Hi,I'm just a Japanese ordinary fan, but I'm sure there wasn't any bonus this time. During the TV broadcast, nobody mentioned it. (I can't find any official confirmation.)
    Perhaps this site helps you though it may be tricky for you to read because it's written all in Japanese.

    Kohei Day 1:
    (All Kohei executed and D&E scores are listed in the latter part of the article.)

    Kohei Day2:

    Ryohei Katoh:

  7. In the past, I think the TV broadcast mentioned it, so maybe it is gone. I'd still like to know how Shirai got a 7.3 D score.

    Thanks for the links. I will probably be able to figure it out.

    I hope the bonus is gone. The US did it for a while, and I hated it.

    1. According to Japan Gymnastics Association, Shirai's FX set was as follows.

      Back 3-1/2 (E) + Front 2/1 (D) + 0.2CV
      Front 1/1 (C) + Front 3/1 (F) + 0.1CV
      Back 3/1 (D)
      V-sit and press to hdst. (C)
      Back 2-1/2 (D) + Front 2-1/2 (E) + 0.2CV
      Side 1/1 (C)
      Back 4/1 (F)

  8. Shirai Kenzo's routine:
    Back 3&1/2 to front double.
    Front full to front triple.
    Back triple.
    Back 2&1/2 to front 2&1/2.
    Side flip with full twist.
    Back quad.

    No bonus this time. Not sure about the NHK cup next month.

    1. I mistranslated and you're right. His non-acro element was Manna.

  9. My friend this is why they invented Google translate.