Thursday, May 30, 2013

UTRS: 2013 WAG Floor Scores

Last year, The All Around created some handy dandy rankings, leading up to the Olympics. This year, not so much. So, I've decided to create the UTRS (Uncle Tim Ranking System), which, for those who care, is pronounced "uterus." Think of my ranking system as a surrogate until The All Around steps in and takes over. (Still waiting for that to happen… Any day now!)

As per usual, take these rankings with a grain of salt. (Pro Tip: Never bet your life savings based on my numbers–or my predictions for that matter.) Judging varies from meet to meet, and as you can see, I've culled these scores from several meets. I've included the competition names so that you can decide how much crack the judges smoked before handing out the scores.

More than anything, you should think of these tables like this: New quad, new Code of Points. What the H is a good score nowadays? Well, let me show you…

Women's Floor Rankings: Best D Scores

Name Country D-Score Meet
1. Ksenia Afanasyeva Russia 6.4 European Championships
2. Simone Biles USA 6.2 Jesolo
2. Mai Murakami Japan 6.2 Japanese Nationals
4. Larisa Iordache Romania 6.1 European Championships
4. Vanessa Ferrari Italy 6.1 American Cup
6. Gabriella Douglas Canada 6.0 Canadian Nationals
6. Shang Chungsong China 6.0 Chinese Nationals
6. Giulia Steingruber Switzerland 6.0 European Championships
9. Diana Bulimar Romania 5.9 European Championships
9. Victoria Moors Canada 5.9 Canadian Nationals
9. Aliya Mustafina Russia 5.9 European Championships
9. Lexie Priessman USA 5.9 GER-ROU-USA Friendly
9. Brenna Dowell USA 5.9 Jesolo
14. Anna Dementyeva Russia 5.8 Zakharova
14. Katelyn Ohashi USA 5.8 American Cup
14. Anastasia Grishina Russia 5.8 European Championships
14. Krystyna Sankova Ukraine 5.8 European Championships

Women's Floor Rankings: Best E Scores

Name Country E-Score Meet
1. Krystyna Sankova Ukraine 9.000 Zakharova
2. Kim Bui Germany 8.966 German Nationals
3. Ksenia Afanasyeva Russia 8.866 European Championships
4. Anna Dementyeva Russia 8.850 Zakharova
4. Gabby Jupp Great Britain 8.850 British Championships
6. Elisabeth Seitz Germany 8.833 German Nationals
7. Elisabetta Preziosa Italy 8.800 Jesolo
7. Lisa Katharina Hill Germany 8.800 German Nationals
9. Kyla Ross USA 8.750 GER-ROU-USA Friendly
10. Diana Bulimar Romania 8.733 European Championships
11. Simone Biles USA 8.700 Jesolo
11. Victoria Moors Canada 8.700 American Cup
11. Tamires Velga Brazil 8.700 Zakharova
14. Ellie Black Canada 8.650 Canadian Nationals
15. Yao Jinnan China 8.634 Chinese Nationals
15. Zeng Siqi China 8.634 Chinese Nationals

Women's Floor Rankings: Best Scores

Name Country Final Score Meet
1. Ksenia Afanasyeva Russia 15.166 European Championships
2. Simone Biles USA 14.900 Jesolo
3. Larisa Iordache Romania 14.866 European Championships
4. Krystyna Sankova Ukraine 14.700 Zakharova
5. Anna Dementyeva Russia 14.650 Zakharova
6. Diana Bulimar Romania 14.625 Doha
7. Victoria Moors Canada 14.600 American Cup
8. Gabriella Douglas Canada 14.575 Canadian Nationals
9. Mai Murakami Japan 14.500 Japanese Nationals
10. Vanessa Ferrari Italy 14.466 American Cup
10. Aliya Mustafina Russia 14.466 European Championships
12. Katelyn Ohashi USA 14.400 American Cup
13. Gabby Jupp Great Britain 14.350 British Championships
14. Elisabeth Seitz Germany 14.333 German Nationals*
15. Margaret Nichols USA 14.300 Jesolo

*This floor routine is from the all-around competition. Seitz posted her highest floor routine during event finals. So far, I have not found a video of that performance.

Your take:

Above, you'll find links to the top 15 floor routines. How do you rank them? In your book, is Afanasyeva the best? Biles second? Iordache third? I mean, no routine will ever match the greatness of the Hava Nagila, but still…

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  1. You mean the horrors of Hava Nagila?

  2. Mai Murakami had 6.2 D-score on Japanese Nationals

  3. Ummm Raisman should obviously be #1.......The off-beat dancing and robotic moves was an artistic statement; capturing the transient beauty of industrialization, japanese robots, GoGurt Squirtz and irony.

    1. Not to mention, portraying the spirit of club dancing by repeatedly bouncing her crotch against the floor.