Thursday, May 23, 2013

UTRS: 2013 Uneven Bar Scores

Last year, The All Around created some handy dandy rankings, leading up to the Olympics. This year, not so much. So, I've decided to create the UTRS (Uncle Tim Ranking System), which, for those who care, is pronounced "uterus." Think of my ranking system as a surrogate until The All Around steps in and takes over.

As per usual, take these rankings with a grain of salt. (Pro Tip: Never bet your life savings based on my numbers–or my predictions for that matter.) Judging varies from meet to meet, and as you can see, I've culled these scores from several meets. I've included the competition names so that you can decide how much crack the judges smoked before handing out the scores.

More than anything, you should think of these tables like this: New quad, new Code of Points. What the H is a good score nowadays? Well, let me show you…

(Updated: May 26, 2013)

Women's Uneven Bar Rankings: Best D Scores

Name Country D-Score Meet
1. He Kexin China 6.8 Chinese Nationals
2. Shang Chungsong China 6.7 Chinese Nationals
3. Tan Jiaxin China 6.6 Doha
3. Huang Huidan China 6.6 Chinese Nationals
5. Yao Jinnan China 6.5 Chinese Nationals
6. Kyla Ross USA 6.4 GER-ROU-USA Friendly
6. Wu Liufang China 6.4 Chinese Nationals
8. Fan Yilin China 6.3 Chinese Nationals
8. Xiao Kangjun China 6.3 Chinese Nationals
8. Aliya Mustafina Russia 6.3 European Championships
8. Sophie Scheder Germany 6.3 GER-ROU-USA Friendly
8. Ruby Harrold Great Britain 6.3 Doha
8. Becky Downie Great Britain 6.3 British Championships
14. Huang Qiushuang China 6.2 Tokyo World Cup
14. Yelena Vasilyeva Ukraine 6.2 Zakharova Cup
14. Katelyn Ohashi USA 6.2 American Cup

How long until Chinese bar workers become mercenaries and start competing for other countries for pay?

P.S. It should be noted that, at this point in the quad, many gymnasts are inconsistent or playing with new routines. As a result, an individual's D score on bars can vary from week to week. Though some gymnasts perform the same routine almost every time (e.g. Mustafina), many like Tan Jiaxin will perform a 6.6 routine one week and a 5.9 another.

Women's Uneven Bar Rankings: Best E Scores

Name Country E-Score Meet
1. Aliya Mustafina Russia 9.200 Zakharova Cup
2. Kyla Ross USA 9.050 GER-ROU-USA Friendly
3. Peyton Ernst USA 9.000 GER-ROU-USA Friendly
4. Kaitlyn Hofland Canada 8.900 Canadian Nationals
5. Sophie Scheder Germany 8.833 German Nationals
6. Anna Dementyeva Russia 8.825 Zakharova Cup
7. Anastasia Grishina Russia 8.800 Cottbus
7. Asuka Teramoto Japan 8.800 Japanese Nationals
9. Simone Biles USA 8.750 Jesolo
10. Jonna Adlerteg Sweden 8.633 European Championships
11. Brenna Dowell USA 8.600 Jesolo
11. Maria Paseka Russia 8.600 European Championships
13. Kristyna Palesova Czech Republic 8.550 Ljubljana
13. Kristina Sankova Ukraine 8.550 Zakharova Cup

Women's Uneven Bar Rankings: Best Scores

Name Country Final Score Meet
1. Aliya Mustafina Russia 15.500 Russian Nationals
2. Kyla Ross USA 15.450 GER-ROU-USA Friendly
3. Huang Huidan China 15.134 Chinese Nationals
4. Anastasia Grishina Russia 15.100 Russian Nationals
5. Sophie Scheder Germany 15.033 German Nationals
6. He Kexin China 15.000 Chinese Nationals
6. Katelyn Ohashi USA 15.000 WOGA Classic
8. Yao Jinnan China 14.967 Chinese Nationals
9. Asuka Teramoto Japan 14.900 Japanese Nationals
10. Simone Biles USA 14.850 Jesolo
10. Tan Jiaxin China 14.850 Doha
12. Kaitlyn Hofland Canada 14.800 Canadian Nationals
13. Becky Downie Great Britain 14.733 European Championships
14. Peyton Ernst USA 14.700 GER-ROU-USA Friendly
14. Brenna Dowell USA 14.700 Jesolo


What does a 6.8 difficulty routine look like?

Dear YouTube Users Bmbul and piibunina,

I don't know who you are, but you're the best. The gymternet thanks you for uploading these videos with the E and D scores.

Uncle Tim

What does a 15.5 routine look like?

Queen Mustafina will show you.

By the way, she has scored a 15.5 twice this year–once during the all-around competition at the Russian Nationals and once during event finals at the Zakharova Cup.

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  1. Shang Chunsung's 6.7 difficulty routine - Chinese Nationals AA:

  2. I'm confused. Are you a WAG blog now too?

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    2. You're doing a great job! Thanks for the explanation. It makes total sense.