Monday, March 18, 2013

French Yin Claps and More! What We Learned at the 2013 French International

Here's what we learned at the 19 èmes Internationaux de France de Gymnastique...

1. The FIG needs to prepare the riot police.

Over the past few weeks, blogs have been buzzing about the legitimacy of Jake Dalton's stretched double Arabian. In fact, Jessica O'Beirne even threatened to riot if Jake received credit for a Tamayo (an F part).

Well, former wrestler Jessica O'Beirne may be overturning buses and body slamming any judges in the near future, as Jake Dalton continues to perform the questionable skill from his floor routine. You can't see it in the video, but his start value suggests that the "Tamayo" is still in.

[This number was updated on March 19, 2013. Based on the commentator's remarks, I originally thought that Jake had removed the Tamayo and replaced it with a double layout, which is a "duplo esticado" in Portuguese. However, I misheard her. She said "duplo TWIST esticado," which is a Tamayo in Portuguese. So, riot away, Jess. Riot away.]

2. Denis Ablyazin is becoming a slacker.

During his 7-tumbling pass floor routine, he's only doing a double layout, when he used to compete a double-twisting double layout. WEAK SAUCE!

Frankly, I prefer his double layout. It just kind of floats in the air.

3. Tape is the only thing holding Denis Ablyazin's legs together

Yank off one of those pieces of tape, and a tibia might fall out.
The price you pay for doing 7 tumbling passes in 70 seconds.

4. Krisztian Berki's extension still gives me hot flashes.

Never have leg cuts looked so beautiful. Unfortunately, I could not find a video of his gold medal routine from finals, but here's his routine from the qualifications round.

5. Goodbye, Louis Smith! Hello, Max Whitlock!

A new Berki-Brit rivalry might be in the making. At the London Olympics, Max Whitlock finished 0.466 behind Berki. This weekend, the Brit closed the gap, finishing only 0.266 behind the Hungarian horseman. It's unlikely that anyone will be able to out-execute Berki at Europeans or Worlds, so if Whitlock wants to catch Berki, he will have to find a way to up his difficulty level. (Or burn all the U.S. pink leos as a sacrifice to the gym gods.)

6. Awkward close-ups are not just an NBC problem.

There were close-ups of Denis Ablyazin's butt. There were close-ups of Denis Ablyazin's groin. The cameramen did a booger check on Ryohei Kato.

7. Eleftherios Petrounias needs a nickname.

The length of his name would give any journalist arthritis.

Seriously, though, Elef Petro looks like he has his sights set on a World Championship medal. In 2013, he's looking a little buffer, and while he still has some glaring execution errors (e.g. his flip to cross, or whip it cross, comes in quite high), he is showing some upgrades from 2012. For example, in the past, his go-to dismount was a full-twisting double layout, but this year, he's sporting a double-twisting double layout. We shall see how he stands against the big guns.

8. Without really trying, Hak Seon Yang can win a World Cup vault final.

Yang is capable of performing a front handspring with 3 twists, but over the weekend, he performed only a handspring with 2 1/2 twists. Also, rumor has it that Yang is capable of a Kasamatsu with 2 1/2 twists, but once again, he went for the easier vault, performing only a Kasamatsu with 2 twists.

Yet, somehow, even though he watered down his routines, he still won the vault title by 0.834. Must be nice.

9. Ha Thanh Nguyen's piked Melinassanidis can cure any case of the Mondays.

His toes are pointed the entire time!

10. Oleg Verniaiev has redefined toe point.

If you've coached compulsories, you've probably: A) Had a kid fart in your face. B) Spotted 5 gazillion kips. C) Become immune to the fact that your place of employment reeks of sweat and feet. D) Spent too much time staring at your gymnasts' knees, wrists, elbows, and well, their toes.

Please continue to stare at your gymnasts' feet. Toe point is not dead! It's very much alive! And if you could get your gymnast to point their toes like Oleg, judges would be much happier people.
Please don't tell Jake Dalton's toes that I'm cheating on them.

11. Two weeks make a world of difference.

Two weeks ago at the American Cup, Oleg Verniaiev looked like this:
 And he scored a 13.966 on parallel bars. At the French International, he fixed his problem:
And he scored a 15.433, which was good enough for second place behind Ryohei Kato. Personally, my fingers and toes are crossed, and I'm praying to the gym gods for consistency!

12. Beating the crap out of your upper arms has not gone out of style.

At least Ryohei looks elegant while he does it.

13. There are Yin-A-Lins around the world.

Love the Yin clap; hate the Yin clap–You can't escape it. His followers–Yin-A-Lins as I call them–are doing the clap all around the world. Just listen to the enthusiasm in this video! Explosif!

14. What did you think of the meet?

Leave a comment below....

Just looking for the results? Here are the medalists:


  1. Flavius Koczi, Romania, 15.366
  2. Denis Ablyazin, Russia, 15.300
  3. Jake Dalton, USA, 15.100

Pommel Horse
  1. Krisztian Berki, Hungary, 15.966
  2. Max Whitlock, Great Britain, 15.700
  3. Robert Seligman, Croatia, 15.366

  1. Denis Ablyazin, Russia, Eleftherios Petrounias, Greece, 15.666
  3. Federico Molinari, Argentina, 15.500

  1. Hak Seon Yang, South Korea, 14.500
  2. Ha Thanh Nguyen, Vietnam, 13.666
  3. Marek Lyszczarz, Poland, 12.766

Parallel Bars
  1. Ryohei Kato, Japan, 15.500
  2. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 15.433
  3. Vasileios Tsolakidis, Greece, 15.166

High Bar
  1. Danell Leyva, USA, 15.300
  2. Jake Dalton, USA, 14.733
  3. Marijo Moznik, Croatia, 14.666


  1. And what is Jake Dalton's first tumbling now? At that video they start with his second double arabian piked tumbling pass.

  2. There were a lot of falls, it seems.
    I felt bad that they gave a wild card to a 5th girl for floor finals, leaving only Vanessa out of it. (I wonder how she feels about it...)
    Oh, yes more pink leos in the near future, apparently. It's madness.

    Your little hearts over the pictures always brights up my day.

  3. "What did you think of the meet"

    Boring! Apparatus world cups suck. They need to get rid of this format

  4. I thought it was at least better than the American Cup, apparatus World cups to me mean more gymnasts, more gymnastics...more everything. I still remember the one time the American Cup was an apparatus cup in 2005 and it was actually decent (what a shocker)!

  5. I like Denis Ablyazin, on the basis that he does seven tumbling passes and he's dating Ksenia Semenova.

    I'm also hoping for some consistency for Oleg. I want him to win an AA medal at Worlds this year.

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