Monday, February 18, 2013

Harlem Shake: Who Did It Best?

Clearly, gymnasts do it best. That's unquestionable. Now, we, the gymternet, have to decide who, among the gymnasts, does it best. Let's take a look...

University of Michigan

This was the first gymnastics meme to go viral, so it will always have a place near and dear to my heart. I'm particularly fond of Corbett Schmitz's leotard-over-shorts look, as well as his slow thrusts. Also of note: 2012 Olympian Sam Mikulak is on the rope in the background. Stacey Ervin, the man with the huge Tamayo, is in the blue suit on the high bar. Jordan Gaarenstroom is the man with the mushroom on his head.

Daggett Gymnastics

If Tim Daggett is the man in the mask, I will be the happiest man alive.

P.S. The little one with the vacuum is adorable.

Stanford University

I can't say that I completely understand this one. The Maroney "unimpressed" face on the left? A priest on a pommel horse? Is that Paul Hichwa in a speedo acting like he's Tom Cruise in Risky Business?

It's... just... so... Stanford. That's why I love the fact that they included the bike. If you've ever been on Stanford's campus, you know that bikes are omnipresent and that a cyclist is more likely to run you over than a car.

Temple Men's Gymnastics

My favorite might be the coach dancing around with an umbrella. I aspire to be that cool when I'm his age. My biggest question, though, is, Why is there a 10-year-old African American boy being spun around like he's a helicopter? Is he, like, the youngest college gymnast ever?

University of Nebraska

I have a feeling that gay men everywhere are loving this video. For me, this video is missing one small detail. This video would win the internet if Jim Hartung were in the background breaking it down.

USA National Trampoline Team

I'm loving the person in the fro wig on the right. It reminds me of Flash Dance or something.

Auburn University

I love, love, love the girl spinning around on the chair. She and I are kindred spirits. I also love this video because it is the only WAG video thus far. We need more women's teams to participate!

University of Maryland

Personally, I think that thus far this is the best opening sequence. Patty cake? Hanging upside on the bar? Yup, things gymnasts do on a regular basis.

Arizona State Men's Gymnastics (Added: Feb. 18)

On Friday, Arizona State wore leotards with plunging necklines–IN THE BACK.
And on Sunday, their men's club team danced around in their skivvies. What's in the water in Tempe?
Personally, I'm a fan of the guy circling his hips in the red tunnel on the right. I'm also digging the competitiveness among the college teams. Stanford puts a bike in their video; ASU decides to one-up the Cardinal by putting a freakin' motorcycle in the video.

More to come...

As more videos pop up, I'll update this page. But for now, who did it best? Cast your votes in the comments section below.


  1. I've been enjoying watching them as individuals. For example: in Daggett's video, there is a small boy in the middle who looks like he'd rather be anywhere else. Also, in Maryland's, I love the girl who's spinning around on her side ala Homer Simpson.

  2. It's like I don't get these at all but yet cannot stop myself from watching more. Thanks for putting this together!! Personally, after focusing in on the coach and the random child in the Temple video, I laughed the most at that one.

  3. Thanks for the compilation. I'm with the last guy you can't help but watch them. I put this one together. I felt the need was there for a throwback to superman himself.
    Kohei Uchimura "Harlem Shake"

  4. YES, thanks for putting all the gymnastics ones together.
    I vote for Michigan!

    I'm really enjoying watching these, I just hope it doesn't overstay it's welcome like Gangnam Style did...

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  5. You are dead on about the appeal of the Nebraska one. It gets my vote!