Monday, October 8, 2012

Brazil Update

The New Olympic Cycle

A little more than two months after making history with Arthur Zanetti's gold medal at the London Olympics, Brazil's men's gymnastics team is beginning to prepare for the new Olympic cycle. The goal is to qualify, for the first time, a full team for the Rio Olympics in 2016.

The new Olympic cycle will begin on Tuesday, when the men's team and the selection committee will meet for the first time in the Gymnastics Training Center in the Velódromo in Rio de Janeiro. 17 athletes, including both the youngsters and the veterans, were invited to attend the two-a-day practices, which will last until October 20th.

Among the invited are Sérgio Sasaki and Arthur Zanetti, the two Olympians from London. Diego Hypólito was not invited. Also on the list are Arthur Mariano, Péricles Silva, Francisco Barreto, Caio Costa, Caio Campos, Lucas Bitencourt, Fellipe Arakawa, Henrique Flores, Hudson Miguel, Glauco Garrido, André Felipe, Ângelo Assumpção, Renato Oliveira, Leonardo Sousa, and Daniel Silva.

The 17 gymnasts will train under the supervision of the four selection committee coaches (Vladimir Vatkin, Marcos Goto, Renato Araújo and Cristiano Albino), the coordinator Leonardo Finco, and four invited coaches: Fernando Lopes, Damian Merino, Vitor Camargo, and Antônio Lameiras.

In addition to the Brazilian team, 6 athletes from the German team will be in attendance in order to familiarize themselves with the training facilities for the next Olympic Games. "During their stay in Rio, the team will train in the Velódromo. It will be our pleasure to welcome them," said Luciene Resende, the president of the Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation.

Source: TNOnline
Translation: Uncle Tim

Note: I'm not sure why Diego Hypólito was not invited. I know that he's still doing rehab after a series of surgeries, which could be why.

Also, I am not sure which German gymnasts will be in Brazil.

At any rate, in case you aren't familiar with the Brazilian team, you can find a few videos after the jump.

Arthur Zanetti's Gold-Medal Routine from London

Sergio Sasaki's Floor Routine from London

Arthur Mariano's Floor Routine from the London Test Event

Péricles Silva's High Bar Routine from the 2010 World Cup

Francisco Barreto's Rings Routine from the 2011 Pan-Ams

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  1. Philipp Boy, Christopher Jursch, Andreas Bretschneider, Matthias Fahrig, Sebastian Krimmer and Andreas Toba are the gymnasts from Germany. Here are some photos: