Monday, August 13, 2012

International Gymnast Covers

Since I was a kid, I've subscribed to International Gymnast, and for me, the magazine has always been my version of People: a quick read about the humans I care most about. (Sorry, Mom and Dad.)

I never gave the magazine serious thought until I read an article on Sports Illustrated covers. The author's analysis of SI inspired me to take a closer look at IG cover photos. Since I'm a 6th grade boy at heart, I immediately noticed this.

I mean, don't you find it strange that Beth Tweddle is staring blankly at another girl's crotch? Awkward!

For the most part, though, the covers--compared to many of the photos out there--haven't been that pervy. So, I decided to do something extremely boring and break down the covers by gymnastics categories. *Yawn*

The statistics are kind of fascinating, if you're into that kind of thing.

Best OKCupid profile ever!

Here we go...

Since January 2008, there have been 45 issues of International Gymnast.

27 of them have featured solely female artistic gymnasts on the cover.

11 issues have featured both female and male artistic gymnasts.

4 issues have featured solely male artistic gymnasts.

(Side note: Those men include Daniel Purvis, Jonathan Horton, Raj Bhavsar, and Paul Hamm. Certainly no male gymnast outside the English-speaking world deserves to stand alone on the cover of International Gymnast.)

3 issues have featured rhythmic gymnasts.

1 parkour acrobat has graced the cover.

Since January 2008, not a single trampolinist or power tumbler has made the cover.

Some quick thoughts

I have not done a longitudinal study of the covers, but I would assume that I would find that, little by little, more and more men have been making a cameo on the front of IG. But would it hurt to put a few more men on the cover?

Twitter gym fans, don't answer that question. According to y'all, ovaries around the world have been exploding because of these guys, and while I don't have ovaries, I'd imagine that kabooming an ovary would hurt.

I get it. You want your magazine covers to reflect your readership, and I'd assume that there are more female subscribers than male subscribers. Hence, the gender disparity. But still.

I'd assume that the same rule applies for trampoline or power tumbling or acro gymnastics. That is, there are fewer subscribers interested in those branches of gymnastics, so they are not as prominent in the magazine. But they are recognized by the FIG! If you're going to stick something that is not recognized by the FIG (i.e. Parkour) on the front cover, why not include trampoline, as well? Or acro gymnastics?

Any gym fan with an internet connection fast enough to watch YouTube videos knows that acro's some crazy shit.

What's that? You want to chuck me in the air so that I can do a triple back pike? No thank you. I'd rather watch a sex scene with an ag├Ęd Bruno Grandi in it.

Just something to think about for the rest of the week... Happy Monday!

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  1. I think we're all forgetting AEROBIC GYMNASTICS. The inappropriately-touching drunken aunt of the gymnastics world ...