Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Apparently Danell Leyva looks like Justin Bieber

This is how I'm entertaining myself while I wait for NBC to air the men's all-around competition.

Another look at the 2012 Olympic all-around medalists.

Gold medalist: Christina Aguilera

Silver medalist: Madeleine Albright

Bronze medalist: Justin Bieber

Clearly, Danell is the manliest of the three, and that's saying a lot since his closest doppelgänger is Justin Bieber.

Personally, I'd rather look like Justin Bieber than one of these guys...

Clearly not enough hair gel.

My mom always told me that, if you cowboy, your face will freeze that way.

 On top of his face... I see London! I see France! I see Claudio's underpants!

There are so many photo galleries of the Olympics and so little time. Someone has to go through all of them and find the doozies.

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