Saturday, July 28, 2012

It sucks to be you: A photo gallery

Here's a sampling of some of today's most unbecoming shots. I don't understand how editors choose their photos...

This is just wrong! WRONG! WRONG!

Does he have to fart? Is he constipated? Poor guy...

 Spanny Tampson, it looks like you have another audition for the remake of The Cannonball Run

If you've ever watched So You Think You Can Dance, you've heard Nigel talk about "stank face." Well, this is the Oklahoman/Texan version of "stank face," and it ain't pretty.

Oh, Lord! Please don't tell me that's his "oh face." It just looks painful. Even Bart Conner has a better "oh face."

Yeah... This was on a news website. Clearly, the editors aren't being mindful of how they represent the ginger community.

Dear gymnastics editors,

I'm onto you. Consider yourself on watch.

Uncle Tim
P.S. Philipp Boy should always look like this:

Another gratuitous shirtless shot. I must find out when this all started.

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  1. This can only get worse as the media invades more and more D: